24C3: Volldampf voraus! (2007)

24C3 Sputnik Data available

The Sputnik/OpenBeacon project has been successful in making the complete collected RFID tracking data available on the web.

You can get the data file in singularized or raw form. There is also a PDF showing all reader locations to give a spatial reference for the data.


There are also some graphs with an general analysis available by Peter Meerwald.

If you want to analyze the data and or have other things to contribute, contact the OpenBeacon team to join forces.

DEMO Today 19:30h

Please join the demo against surveillance and data retention during the 24C3. It takes place today next to the rocket “fairy dust” in front of the bcc at 19:30 (7:30 pm).

Bitte kommt zur Demo gegen Überwachung und Vorratsdatenspeicherung während des 24C3. Sie findet heute um 19:30 bei der Rakete “fairy dust” vor dem bcc statt.

In fairy dust we trust!

Hacker Jeopardy in German only? Wrong!

If this had been your question to the answer, you would have earned about -500 points for it. In fact, this year’s Hacker Jeopardy is a dual language event, but due to shortcomings in our scheduling system there is no way to reflect that kind of information. So, join us even if you don’t understand German, and be surprised by one of the funniest (or maybe the funniest) event at the Congress ever.

See you tomorrow at 23:00 in Saal 1 – and bring your DECT phone!

Call into 24C3

It is possible to call somebody at the congress by dialing:

+49 461 5056623 XXXX

All extensions can be found in the 24C3 phone book.

The lecture halls are available at the numbers 8001, 8002 and 8003.

24C3 in tags and on Twitter

If you post stuff about 24C3 in your blog, picture hosting sites or other social media, please use the tag “24C3” to properly mark it.

If you use Twitter to share tips on 24C3, please include “@24C3” in your tweet so people can track your post. You can also follow the virtual Twitter user “24C3” for some more or less official hints.