Camp 2023 – Awareness

Camp 2023 – Awareness

There will be an awareness team at the camp in 2023 again. c3awareness is there for you if, for example:

  • you have been harassed or discriminated against,
  • your personal boundaries have been violated,
  • you experience (personal or structural) discrimination,
  • you feel uncomfortable and need a person to talk to.

The most direct way to reach us is by DECT (113), but you can also contact us by mail, via Mastodon or Matrix. If you don’t have DECT, you can also go to the Infodesk or ask someone with DECT to call us. Or you can come to our contact point at CERT.

If you are asking yourself, “Can I go to the Awareness Team already?”, the answer is: Yes! We are there for you.

You can recognise us in person by our pink-purple glowing badges (see above).

How we work

We have a room available for confidential conversations if you want to talk. You decide what you want to tell us. And you decide how to proceed from there. We will support you in finding ways of dealing with the situation or taking action if the need arises. Everything we discuss is confidential, unless we agree otherwise. We invite you to also read our more detailed introduction.

If you have experienced something that you would like to bring to the Arbitration Board, we will be happy to accompany you or prepare this with you. The Arbitration Board is responsible if there is a serious violation of the principles of the event and formal measures are to be taken against a person. You can find more information and the rules of procedure on the page of the Arbitration Board.

If you have physical or medical problems, you can get help from CERT. For safety issues, you can contact the CrewCrew. The c3awareness team also works closely with both teams when necessary.

If the many impressions, flashing lights, lots of people or loud noises get to you, you can go to the QuietPlace. The c3auti team provides support for people on the autistic spectrum, their place is also for all quiet-loving beings. The c3auti team has also helped organise accessibility in general. For example, the helpdesk offers Hidden Disabilities badges as well as solutions if you can’t wait in queues. Detailed information about accessibility for visitors and Villages can be found in the wiki.

Principles and “Your Rights”

We would also like to point out the revised principles – which can be found on Let’s work together for a solidary and responsible community! One step towards this is to look at one’s own needs and limits. And to be aware that these can be different for other people. The “Your rights” posters are intended to encourage this.


The issue of showering was a major concern for us during the preparation phase of the camp. The challenge of showering together with others is different for different people. That’s why we’re letting you know what shower options there will be (if nothing goes wrong). Here is the plan – but this can still change, depending on the situation on site:

Family Village in the North

  • 24 showers total
  • 6 of these are single cabins including a dry area for changing clothes
  • 6 showers next to each other for FLINTA (femmes, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender persons)
  • 2× 6 showers next to each other for all genders

Shower Wonderland in the West

  • 36 showers total
  • 6 of these are single cabins including a dry area for changing clothes
  • 2× 6 showers next to each other for FLINTA (femmes, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender persons)
  • 3× 6 showers next to each other for all genders

Showers in the South

  • 12 showers total
  • probably 6 showers next to each other for FLINTA (femmes, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender persons)
  • and 6 showers next to each other for all genders

It was not possible to get shower elements with individual showers. Therefore, we tried to get at least a few improvised single cabins.

Single showers

Not all beings are able to shower in open, non-lockable shower tents. The following alternatives exist:

  • Lockable individual shower containers: The Awareness Team and Heaven have access to lockable single shower containers (gray shower/toilet containers, map M9). Please contact them to gain access.
  • Wheelchair accessible showers+WCs: there are 3 wheelchair accessible containers with WC and shower. The CERT will give you access to the container north of the entrance (Map U13) and to the container directly at the CERT. Access to the container south-west of the Heaven (map M13) you get from Heaven. The wheelchair accessible containers are for people with physical disabilities.

Access will be granted without questioning your reasons.

We hope that this way all beings on the camp will have the possibility to take a shower.

Meet the Awareness-Team

You want to get to know us? Then come to our workshop! When? Unfortunately we don’t know exactly yet … But we will definitely host something as a self-organised session, which we will also announce via Mastodon. Otherwise, feel free to just get in touch with us if you want to arrange things in case you need us in any way or to have seen some faces beforehand.

If you want to be part of the team for upcoming events, you can give us your contact at the workshop or otherwise get in touch with us. We have been preparing for the camp together as a team for a few months now and will take people on only after the camp.

Kids and Teens

There will be many children and young people at the camp. That’s great!

For the first time, there will be a “Jugend-Village” (Teens Village) this year, organised by Jugend hackt and others. Jugend hackt has its own awareness structure, but we will also be in close contact with them. We as c3awareness are of course also available for participants from the Teens Village if needed.

Please pay special attention to (other) children and underage teens at workshops, talks, in your Villages and at the bars. Answer questions, provide support if needed, but also be aware of the special need for protection. The Protection of Young Persons Act (“Jugendschutzgesetz”) also applies at camp. Among other things, it regulates the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to smoke. Wine, beer and sparkling wine may be sold to people aged 16 to 18, but not schnapps, long drinks or similar.

You can recognise the members of the Jugend-Village by their additional wristbands. The wristbands for 14- to 16-year-olds are green, those for 16- to 18-year-olds are pink.

The Family Village already existed in 2019. It is an area at the back of the camp site that is especially suitable for children and their companions. You can read more about it in the announcement of the Kidspace.