Camp 2023 – Fahrplan 0.9 release

Camp 2023 – Fahrplan 0.9 release

After many hours of reviews and haggling over the proposed entries, the content teams are proud to present you version 0.9 of the Fahrplan.

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We and our awesome speakers and artists present you about 150 Talks, over 60 workshops and almost 50 performance gigs on 10 stages and areas.

For the Chaos Communication Camp 2023, we took a new approach to create this programme, with stages being run by multiple villages. We had to learn a lot while running this approach, so this first schedule comes pretty late. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused for our speakers.

We received more than 400 proposals overall. We want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. Feel encouraged to host a self-organised session if you did not get accepted. You awesome people submitted way more than we could accept. Deciding what we would have to reject was not easy.