26C3: Here be dragons (2009)

Last chance to get your pre-ordered (and paid) Congress wear


During 29C3 pre-order season we saw over a thousand people buying shirts and hoodies online. But not everyone picked up their stuff during Congress, that’s why we have around hundred pieces of cloth that belongs to one of you.

But we would love to see you proudly walking around in our Congress cloth and not have them rot away in our backyard. So please, check your inbox for preorder-receipts you have not redeemed yet and come and get your stuff.

There will be an hand-out event on Saturday, February, 23th in CCCB around 4pm in Berlin [1]. If you cannot make it there, please send an email to …

26c3 Backstage


26c3 is over. Go see what you missed – it’s all there. During the last hours I went to see what the people behind the stages thought of this year’s congress.

A group that is hardly noticed by the general public is the kitchen crew: they prepare food for some 350 ‘Angels’, approx. 10% of all participants. ‘Angels’ are the helpers of the CCC events. They still have to pay for their ticket like everyone else and trade their work for food and a conference t-shirt. When asked what their goal was the kitchen crew said: we make the angels happy! And they believe that they succeeded by about 80%. …

Last Minute 26c3 Schedule Change


Christian Eichelmann from the Wolpertinger project will be speaking in Saal 3 starting at 11:30.

It is a distributed portscanner, which actually doesn’t do anything else than scan (tcp-)ports. But it is fast. Really fast. So fast you can scan Class-B networks before you have to retire. And it is available from here. The output lands in a database (SQLite) you can do with that what you want. It runs on linux and is open source.

The IBM AS/400 Talk in Saal 3 has been cancelled. There are no other reported schedule changes, but be sure to check back here on events.ccc.de, follow @26c3 and …

The CCCs retrospect for 2009


The first talk in the big hall on day three of 26c3 was the CCC’s retrospect of the year 2009. Due to my slow coffeemaker and hungry kids I missed the months of January and February (please add), and start recounting in March:

New CCC members

New CCC members

Two new

Erfa groups (local groups) were started, in Aachen and Mannheim. The map shows regional concentration of CCC hackers plus …

Vierter Tag


Liebe Hacker,

wie Ihr sicher gemerkt habt, ist die Situation an den Kassen unübersichtlich und davon geprägt, möglichst fair so vielen Hackern wie möglich die Teilnahme am Kongress zu ermöglichen. Wir sind dabei von den physikalischen Gegebenheiten des Gebäudes eingeschränkt und müssen – sehr zu unserem Leidwesen – Besucher wegschicken.

Dabei kommt es im Einzelfall zu unschönen Erlebnissen, die wir nun durch eine kurzfristige Maßnahme zumindest finanziell auszugleichen versuchen. Von den 300 am Mittwoch ab 08:00 Uhr an der Kasse zur Verfügung stehenden Tagestickets, werden wir, auf …

Little big Dragons

Little big Dragons


Day 2 of the Congress is in full course, tickets are completely sold out and next to the talk in the three big halls many other activities can be found in halls and workshop rooms. Several Blogs have entries about what happened so far: http://futur3.com/ with a summary of Day 1, jtb.blog with already several articles (in German) and Fruto del Caos (Spanish). Please add your blogs to the blog page so it can be part of the aggregated conference news feed!

Update: more reports are popping up in blogs. Since most people publish more than one article, I’ll just name the blogs that have the details …

No more day tickets for 26C3 Day 2


As you may have already heard, the 26C3 is sold out. There are no more all-day tickets available, and we have just sold out of day tickets for today (Day 2).

Day tickets for Day 3 will go on sale tomorrow morning at 08:00.

If you do not have a ticket, check out the live streams of the talks, or attend one of the many Dragons Everywhere gatherings being held all over the world!

Feedback System


We have activated our feedback system. So if you have attended a lecture, please look it up in the schedule (Fahrplan) and rate it. Your feedback is most helpful in determining what you like and what you don’t. It will help our speakers and the next program planning team to come up with an even more fascinating program. Thank you very much!

Here Be Dragons

Die Kassenschlange

Die Kassenschlange

Es geht los. Der 26. Chaos Communication Congress hat seine Türen geöffnet. Zunächst zwar nur, um die Wartenden in der Kassenschlange vor dem Kältetod zu retten, aber morgen um 11:30 beginnt der Kongress dann wirklich mit der Keynote von Frank Rieger “Here be Dragons“.

Aus gewöhnlich gut unterrichteten Quellen habe ich – in der …

Hacker – Der Film


Anläßlich des Chaos Communication Congresses wird es in Berlin die Vorführung des Film “Hacker” geben. Am 29. Dezember, dem dritten Congress-Tag, um 15 Uhr zeigt das nahegelegene Kino Babylon in Mitte (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30) den Streifen. Anwesend wird auch der Regisseur Alexander Biedermann sowie einige Protagonisten des Films sein, die in der Hacker-Szene bekannt sind: Steffen Wernery, Paul Sebastian Ziegler, Reinhard Schrutzki, Marko Rogge und Marcell “SkyOut” Dietl.

Die Vorstellung ist eine exklusive Vorstellung nur für die Teilnehmer des Congresses. Die Karten kosten sieben Euro und …

26C3 Dec26 Dinner


Let’s meet before congress starts and get to know each other – and have a chat about the things to come at this year’s congress!

We will meet from 19h to 23:42h at the cafe/restaurant “Lichtblick”.

the cafe is right at the U9-Birkenstrasse station at the north-west side of the intersection of Birkenstrasse and Wilhelmshavener Strasse:
Birkenstr 33, 10551 Berlin (Moabit)

there is room for max 30/40 people, so please register yourself here: http://doodle.com/svn6vbf8ieng6k9t

let us know about your kind of food, ie whether you are a carnivore, a vegetarian …