Chaos Communication Camp 2023

Chaos Communication Camp 2023

Hooray, hooray, soon it’s camp time again!


  • August 15-19, 2023.
  • Ziegeleipark Mildenberg.
  • Camp is outside, outside is (sometimes) cold, hot, dusty or wet, plan for that!
  • All important info is here in the blog

What is the camp?

Chaos Communication Camp is the Chaos Computer Club’s (CCC) quadrennial hacker meeting and open-air hack party, now in Mildenberg for the third time. Over the course of five days, thousands of hackers, technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists and utopians come together on the camp grounds in Brandenburg in the middle of summer to exchange ideas, learn from each other and celebrate together.

The camp offers space for community villages, developer and project group meetings, installations, lightning talks and numerous workshops. We deal with topics around information technology, computer security, hacking, with the make and break scene, the critical-creative use of technology and its impact on our society.

What’s different from 2019?

Here’s a brief overview of the changes from last time that we already know about: Unlike last time, this year’s camp starts as early as Tuesday and ends on Saturday. Sunday can be used for leisurely dismantling and departure. Also for us, unfortunately, the prices have increased in almost all places, which is why we will not be able to avoid an increase in ticket prices. At the moment we can’t give a final price yet, as soon as the calculations allow us to fix the price we will let you know here in the blog. The big lecture tents were used less than expected at the last camps, so we decided to focus more on workshops and community stages this time. Parking on the site will only be possible with a parking ticket this time (will be available on site). To make it easier to get there without a car, we will organize shuttles between the train station and the camp site and from there to nearby shopping facilities.

We will cover most of these topics and all other changes in separate blogposts as soon as we have more details. Stay tuned!

Information channels

In order to inform you as best as possible about the upcoming camp, we will use the event blog and will soon also provide dedicated info pages about the camp. In the blog, we will report in more detail on individual topics, while trying to keep the information on the info pages short and crisp.

Event blog

Here in the event blog we will report in detail on all relevant information about Camp 2023. To be notified about new posts, you can either subscribe to the entire event blog as feed or to the camp2023 category individually.

Info pages

In addition to the blog, we will try to provide all relevant information on a clearly arranged info page. This is still under construction.

Communication channels

If you have any questions or want to network with other participants, we offer an event chat and contact addresses for individual areas.


In order to be able to exchange information with other participants in advance, ask questions or look for like-minded people for your project, we offer an event chat based on Matrix. All you need is your own Matrix account. You can find the Camp 2023 space containing all camp related channels here: If you’ve never used Matrix before, there’s some info about it here.


For specific questions about specific areas, feel free to contact the respective address directly:

area contact address
Villages, Camping Area, Buildings
Logistics, Buildup & Teardown
General Org

EH 20 talk

Please also have a look at the “Howto Camp 23” talk from the last Easterhegg. It contains more details and goes into more detail about a few things.

Photo CC BY-SA 4.0 Gustl