Camp 2023 – Last Call for Camp Tickets

The most important bit up front: We will release more tickets, to be sold starting tomorrow, July 11th, 20:00 CEST!

After the last round of ticket sales, we had an unusually large amount of orders that were never paid. Combined with an average ticket price of EUR 376.29 that remained noticeably below our goal of EUR 380, we had hoped for both a fuller camp ground and a less uncomfortable budget. (Remember, we shared our budget and the reason for our ticket prices here.

If we don’t sell out completely on Tuesday, we’ll continue to run a normal presale until all tickets are gone or until Camp begins.

But we also have good news: Over the course of the three presale dates, we managed to increase the production of this year’s flow3r badge. The second and the third presale date therefore had sufficient badges available for everybody, whereas some people who bought their tickets in the first round couldn’t order a badge. These people will receive an email (some time today) with a voucher code that will allow them to purchase a badge, also starting on July 11th, 20:00 CEST. (Badges are of course still limited, so we can’t promise there will be enough for everybody who receives this email.)

Camper van tickets are still sold out.

Looking forward to seeing you in Mildenberg!