Camp 2023 – Village-Shop

Camp 2023 – Village-Shop

After successfully registering your village (see Call for Villages) and having it confirmed by the village team, you will get access to the village shop. Here you can order a variety of things that will hopefully make it easier for you to build your village. The voucher code for the shop can be found with your registration in the hub.

All orders will be checked and released in the order of their submission.

Articles will be added and updated continuously, please check back regularly.


Some articles require a deposit. This will be payable in the shop and will be returned to you in cash after you’ve given back the items at the end of the event.

Kitchen foo

You can order gas cylinders (11 kg), dinner plates, soup plates, and also IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers, 1000 liters) for waste water. We will charge a deposit for each item.

You can also buy gas directly at the event. Further, you can pick up or exchange pre-ordered gas cylinders at any time so you don’t have to store them in your village.


You can get exhibition tables (for closed tents and solid floors), folding chairs and beer tent sets (one table, two benches).

For all furniture items we charge a collective deposit of 100 €. This will be added to your order and returned to you in cash when you return the items at the end of the event.

Tents and sun protection

We offer a variety of stretch tents, sun shades and tents. Please read the descriptions and check whether the item suits your requirements. Stretch tents have no floor and open sides, which makes them a perfect and breezy sun shade. For a smaller maker space with a lot of tech, installations with side panels and a solid floor might be more suitable.

Tent orders have to be coordinated with our suppliers. This is why all orders will be checked and then confirmed individually.

Please order tents and sun shades as soon as possible. Our camp takes place during peak camping season, so at some unknown point in time we will no longer be able to meet all requests.