Camp 2023 – Call for Angels

Camp 2023 – Call for Angels

After some years of forced interruption we are happy to organize a (larger) Chaos Event again. In order to make the camp a success, we need your help! Please consider becoming an Angel and support the event by volunteering!

How does this work?


  1. We need you! Register as an Angel (volunteer) at Angel System (Engelsystem) and add your arrival/departure dates.
  2. If you’d like to help with build-up before the 10.08., please contact us per Mail first and wait for our response.
  3. Read the Angel-Guide, especially check our curated packing list.
  4. At campsite, get marked as arrived at the Heaven tent.
  5. Click shifts in the Angel System and help to make the event what it is - a community event.
  6. Questions regarding volunteering? Send us a Mail.


Helping is really easy. In order to sign up for shifts, you need to be registered in the Angel System (Engelsystem). Through the Angel System, we - the Heaven - coordinate and distribute the workload among all the volunteers and helping hands. Within the Angel System you can indicate your planned dates of arrival and departure, which helps us with planning. On camp site, you just walk over to the Heaven tent and we’ll mark you as arrived to know you are there. After that you can click shifts and take over tasks. A recommended packing list and further information is available in our Angel-Guide. Please note that all angels also need a ticket for the event.

Build Up

During build-up we have limited generic tasks and shifts. Therefore, please, do not simply arrive early without having checked/discussed your arrival date with us. If you are physically fit and resilient, you like heavy work and the build-up experience, create an account in the Engelsystem, note your arrival date and contact us via, so we can plan with your power accordingly. However, due to limited resources, we may refuse your help until a later date and therefore ask you kindly to arrive later.

IMPORTANT: Please, do not arrive under any circumstance before the 10.08. without approval from Orga or heaven. Otherwise, due to resource constraints, you’ll be asked to leave the venue! More important dates are available in Timeline.

During Camp

During the event we have a lot of diverse tasks for everyone, be it specialized jobs, which need some onboarding, up to very simple jobs, anyone can do right from the start. Angel shifts are also a good opportunity to make new friends and give you a great view behind the scenes of our events. Just check the Angel System for a free shift and assign yourself.

Tear Down

We need a lot of Angels also at Tear-Down, so we can revert the campsite back to its natural state. If you are available, stay a couple of days longer for Tear-Down and help us with “renaturation”. For this add your departure date early to your Engelsystem profile.

We are all giddy for Camp and to see you again or meet you for the first time! Without you, your projects and your help Camp would just be an accumulation of tents. Camp is, what you make of it, so let’s make something wonderful - together!

If you have any questions left, we’ll be happy to answer those via the Engelsystem or Mail.

Best regards, Heaven