Camp 2023 – Prepresale

The Chaos Communication Camp 2023 presale is not ready to start quite yet, but we have some information for those who are eagerly waiting. Short and sweet:

  • We’re as impatient as you, but before the presale can start, we need a ticket price, and before we can figure out the ticket price, we need to get our budget planning done, so please bear with us a bit longer.
  • Tickets will definitely be more expensive than four years ago, to nobody’s surprise.
  • As always, there will be the option to apply for a Friends Ticket at a reduced price if the regular ticket price is not feasible for you.
  • The presale will be run as a simple open presale (no vouchers!). We will release batches of tickets at three different times.
  • The presale dates will be announced on this page, so follow the RSS feed!

You can reach us at if you have questions.