Chaos Communication Camp 2007

David Chaum at the Camp

We are excited to announce that Dr. David Chaum, cryptographer and founder of DigiCash, accepted our invitation to come to the Camp.

He will describe his ideas for enabling voters to verify their votes, using simple cryptographic techniques to ensure election integrity. David Chaum developed the system, Scantegrity, in open source and will introduce it in a talk on Saturday at 6.30 pm in Shelter Foo.

Fun at the museum

Just a reminder: Today is the last chance to take a flight with the antonow bi-plane above the camp – they start 14:00 and continue as long as there are new customers. See the wiki page for further information.

The museum will do a guided tour within the museum today. Meet at 19:00 at the statue next to the snack bar – the tour will be held in German, but we are currently trying to get a translator.

Please give feedback on the talks you attended

We have now enabled the feedback system and kindly ask you to provide feedback on those talks that you attended.

How? It’s really simple: Locate the event in our online schedule (“Fahrplan”) at and then on the detail page for each event there is a “Give Feedback” link. Simply follow that link and fill out the form, then submit the form.

This information is hugely important and helpful both for the speaker in order to improve his or her style of presentation and to the organisers for future events!

Hacker Ethics Hotline

We don’t want the term hacker to have such a negative connotation, right? Since the first hacks are already announced ask yourself before pressing ENTER:

What happens if I 0wn that box now? Is it ethically justifiable to do this or that? And finally, one of the most important questions of hacking ethics is: How much stress will happen if things go wrong?

And with power comes responsibility. So, think about the most efficient way to handle an interesting piece of information. The Hacker Ethics Hotline offers fast and anonymous counseling on this and related topics.
Simply dial 1042 on the DECT phone next to you and make an appointment (real life, chat or phone). The Hacker Ethics Hotline is run by FX of Phenoelit, Ron, 46halbe and Frank Rieger.

Network Update

The network is all coming together now! We’ve worked hard over the past week to get top-notch connectivity to all corners of our huge campsite. Not everything is finished yet but it’s quickly getting there. The fibers are all in place, the core router is up and running and it’s already distributing the 10GE fiber backbone to various places at the site. Access switches will be placed inside the Datenklos today and tomorrow, so that everybody will be able to plug in soon.


Unfortunately we will not have as much outbound bandwidth available as we had during some previous events. Due to the small capacities of all the providers in the area of Finowfurt we only have 300 Mbps. Please use the available bandwidth wisely. We will have two big file servers (about 14TB each) in our network to share the stuff you brought from home with everybody locally. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to provide you with the best possible network at the site.

Trains on strike

As German news sites are reporting, the German train drivers might be on strike beginning next Wednesday. Please plan your travel to the camp site accordingly, up to date information are to be found at a special website, and there are two hotlines up, one for Germany (08000 996633) and one for foreigners (+49 1805-334444) which will provide more help.

Strike has been forbidden, don’t panic, everything is perfect.

Besides this issue, camp preparations are going very smooth – this posting was already written via the public wireless LAN at the camp site, and the weather forecast looks just great. So see you there!