29C3: Not my department (2012)

The Congress is over. Long live the Congress!



=> Thank you, you all just rocked!


The 29C3 in the new location in Hamburg was great and you all made that possible! We are glad we made the move and really happy that it worked out well. However, congress is not over yet and there are still things to be done for 29C3. You can support us by:


You are anticipating the next Congress as impatiently …

Still spaces left for your Lightning Talk!


There’s still a few open slots in the Lightning Talks happening on Days 2, 3 and 4.

We’re especially looking for Pecha Kucha talks in the first half of Day 3. There’s also plenty of space open for 5 minute talks on Day 4.

If there’s space, you can submit your Lightning Talk as late as Noon on the day you want to present.

There’s even a chance to do a remote lightning talk on Day 4. Check the wiki for more details!

Day 0: Pictures from the 29c3 Setup


As we head into Day 1, the 29c3 Setup is nearly complete. As you can see from this small sample of sights from the 29c3, we’re making very creative use of our much, much larger space without losing the feeling that makes the congress so special.

As FEM banner above suggests, talks will be streamed from the 29c3.

Pre-ordered clothing will stay reserved throughout the 29c3


To eliminate any potential confusion from the last post about clothing: Pre-Ordered clothing will remain reserved until the end of the 29c3. Even if certain items are sold out to the general public, you can pick up your pre-orders at any time during the 29c3.

Spacenet WiFi available at 29c3


In addition to the standard WiFI flavors offered at previous CCC Events, you can now connect to Spacenet federated authenticated WiFi.

Even if you don’t belong to a Spacenet connected node, you can add an extra layer of security to your WiFi traffic by logging in as a 29c3 guest.

Check out more details on the 29c3 Spacenet page for more details!

WTF are “Shared Spaces”?


In this blogpost we introduce you to the new concept of shared spaces that can be found among the assemblies.

An earlier blogpost introduced you to the concept of workshops run by assemblies.

These assemblies already registered seats for themselves and requested optional “special seats” specifically for workshops.

We assigned seats to every assembly that registered on time.  Fortunately, we had more than enough seats to fulfill all requests.   In order to effectively utilize the extra space and help …

Abuse & Harassment Reporting at 29c3


The Chaos Computer Club is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everybody attending our events, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance or disability. We do not tolerate harassment of participants of the Congress in any form.

If you are getting harassed at the 29c3, dial 113 from any DECT phone to reach the awareness, anti-conflict, de-escalation team.  See the 29c3 Anti-Harassment Policy on the wiki for the latest details.

If your network is getting harassed from the 29c3, see the RIPE entry for the Abuse reporting hotline.  More …

Unloading at 29c3? Go to Tiergartenstraße 2!


If you’re unloading a vehicle with equipment or other stuff you plan to use at the 29c3, put Tiergartenstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg in your GPS.  Head to Eingang A Eingang C and check with the Angel or Security Guard inside for further instructions.  Please use this entry only for loading and unloading.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Lightning Talk Format Changes for 29c3


Yes, there is still time to submit your LT! Check out the wiki for more details!

As usual, there will be three sessions of lightning talks at the 29c3.  Because of the volume and style of submissions received so far, we’ll have a standard round of 5 minute lightning talks on each day.  However, we’ll still have a Pecha Kucha round in the first half of Day 3 as well as introducing a round of FOSDEM style 15-minute lightning talks on Day 4.

Thanks to all the workshops and assemblies, the LT schedule is already filling up much faster than any previous congress.  If you’d like to get your 5, 6 …

Day -3: Pictures from the CCH


(Photo Courtesy Elmar Lecher)

While many of you are celebrating with your friends and family, there are a few dozen nerds hard at work setting up the CCH for the congress.  Here are some pictures from the first day of setup at the CCH.  Merry Christmas!

Saal 1, Courtesy Elmar Lecher

Saal 6, the smallest of the …

Don’t forget to bring presents to the 29c3!


UntitledAs many of you begin making your final preparations to head to the 29c3, take a moment to check out the Tools Page marketplace on the wiki.

Is there something you can’t easily or inexpensively get that someone could bring to 29c3 for you? Make a request! There’s already some items hard to find here in Germany such as:

You can help make the 29c3 special for you and a fellow nerd by grabbing one or more of these items!

As well, if you’ve got some things taking up space in your home or Hackerspace, feel free to list …

Tickets ready for download


Your ticket is ready for download and print at https://presale.events.ccc.de/

Please print the PDFs and bring the paper with you. Cashdesks will open in the night before day one.

Update: Now it’s also possible to download tickets as Passbook files.

29C3 Party Mode


After PartyWe already told you about talks, workshops and assemblies at 29C3, but it seems we didn’t talk about parties by now. So it’s about time to do so.

On location we will have two main spots. There will be a tent in front of CCH with DJs and live sets. Music will be on from 4 pm to 6 am every day. Since smoking won’t be allowed at all inside CCH the tent …

Low-cost sleeping at 29C3: The Gym


We recommend getting a place to sleep during the congress early. There are various possibilities. If you can afford it, getting a hotel room is probably the best, with a real bed and a real shower. If you are lucky enough to have friends in Hamburg you can bother between Christmas and New Year, getting a couch to crash on may also be neat. Now, what if you don’t happen to have these options? Then the gym is for you.

The gym is only one railway station away from the congress venue. Staying there will cost you 5 Euro per night. You can buy tickets at the entrance of the CCH where you also buy …

Yes, We Will Sell Some Tickets In Hamburg


Quite some people asked, whether there will be Congress tickets for sale at 29C3 once they get there.

Generally the answer is “Yes, you will be able to buy tickets at our cash desks”.

To answer that question more precisely: We will have about 1000 4-day tickets for sale in Hamburg. First come, first serve. So, you probably don’t need to worry, but if you want to be sure to get a ticket, be there early.

Moreover, we’ll sell day tickets as well. But same here – there’s a limit of 1000 per day, too.

Congress everywhere


Our last conferences did not only take place in Berlin: In over 20 countries and close to a hundred cities around the world, hackers and friends digitally joined the crowd in bcc to enjoy lectures in the cozy atmosphere of their local hacker space.

Although we’ve moved to Hamburg, finally giving us the room to invite all interested volunteers and participants, there’s still various reasons to experience the congress from a safe distance. Family, job, travel expenses or just a desire to kickstart your local hacker community, if you feel like participating in our “congress everywhere” …

Experience the Congress the best way – join the angels!


What makes being an angel so special?
It’s the best way to meet new people. You will get to know a lot of people from the community in a short time, there are always other angels that can show you around and help you around Congress.

The Congress would not be possible without many people donating their time bringing the Congress to life and dealing with all the side effects of bringing thousands of hackers together in a congress center.

Since the very first Congress in 1984, everything is done by volunteers called ‘Angels’. In return, the angels get some quiet space in the famous ‘Heaven’ …

Fahrplan released!


You will find the Fahrplan version 0.1alpha at: 


Please also have a look at the wiki, as there might be alternative interfaces to the Fahrplan, such as mobile apps showing up. See also the <a href=“http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Calendar>Calendar to get an overview of the already planned <a href=“http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Workshops>Workshops. If you like to do your own workshop or some other event at the congress, you can add it there. 

Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon


If you want to buy a ticket from our online ticket sale, do it now!

**We’ll close on  December 10th 2012, 23:59:59 CET. **

We’re doing this in order to grant each of you 2 weeks for making the payment. Probably there will be tickets for sale on site on 29C3, but be warned – we do not promise yet.

You are needed – Angel Registration is online


As mentioned before, the Congress can’t happen without the Chaos Angels – from building up to tearing the whole thing down the Angels are a vital part of the Congress.

If you like to be part of that fantastic Community of Angels all you have to do is creating an Account on https://www.engelsystem.de and volunteer for shifts in an area you’d like to help.

Jobs reach from entrance & Cash Desk via Bar Angels to Video and Audio.

Finish your assembly until Sunday!


The congress is coming closer. The next stage will be the placement of the assemblies. So please make sure that you have set up your assembly nicely until Sunday, 2nd of December:

  • complete all the information in the form, so everyone can get an overview of your assembly
  • in the “free text” field you can add pictures and other formats as well. Give an impression of your projects, the whole assembly and the people behind it. The “free text” will be the body of your page.
  • Make it clear if you’re planning workshops on site. If so, please update the information about them.

Workshops – and all other events besides the main talks


Congress is made by you! Please add your workshop. A “workshop” is just something, that happens at a special time and place, but not in one of the big halls.

As you may have read in the blogpost on assemblies this congress will be even more community driven than it used to be. One step towards this is allowing you to hold your own sessions on whatever topic you think is important. We kindly ask you to prepare “workshops”.

That does not mean, that it has to be something with hands-on and making – sure it could be! But workshops can also be a gathering of a project group or discussing a …

Order congress wear until Sunday!


This is a kind reminder to all of you out there who haven’t ordered tickets and congress wear yet: Now is the time to do it!

We need to order the clothes soon. Pre-ordering them in the online ticket system will only be possible until Sunday, November 18th. The ticket-presale however will stay online.

Please go to presale.events.ccc.de and preorder your shirt, hoodie or zipper.

More mock ups of the congress wear are available in the congress wiki:

Zipper Women Navy

CCH: A brief introduction

CCH: A brief introduction


The Congress Center Hamburg is located just a few minutes away from the Dammtor train station which is a major transport hub of northern Germany and also within the public transport network of Hamburg. Light rail is called S-Bahn and in the Dammtor station you will find the lines S11, S21 and S31. The subway station is called »Stephansplatz« and is on the U1 line. The “Dammtor” station is also a major train station for long distance trains (e.g. ICEs) to Scandinavia, Berlin, Hannover and further into Europe.

Close to the CCH are areas like Schanzenviertel, Alster, Reeperbahn, Jungfernstieg and …

Ticket-Vorverkauf für den 29. Chaos Communication Congress


Der Vorverkauf der Eintrittskarten für den 29. Chaos Communication Congress 29C3, der dieses Jahr in Hamburg stattfindet, beginnt heute.

Tickets gibt es unter https://presale.events.ccc.de/

Der diesjährige Congress steht unter dem Motto “Not my department” und wird sich mit den Konsequenzen nicht nur des eigenen Forschungsdrangs auseinandersetzen – von Überwachungssystemen, Drohnen- und Schwarmintelligenzsteuerung bis zu Biohacking. [1]1 Gleichzeitig geht es um das Streben der Hackerszene danach, Technologien und gesellschaftliche Abläufe zu erforschen und neu zusammenzusetzen, die auf den …



We want you to bring more of that Camp feeling to the Congress! The event suffered from stagnation over the past few years. This time you can shape the conference a lot more than you already did in Berlin. To start that transformation, there’ll be a new thing called Assemblies. Ideally, these should work much like Villages on the Camp, but not exactly the same way.

Up to 28C3 last year we’ve assigned seats and tables to projects that registered in the wiki beforehand. Space has been a very scarce resource, thus we had to keep a close eye on allocation. Hopefully, that will change for the …

Mit der Bahn ab 89,- Euro zum 29c3


Die Deutsche Bahn hat für den Congress ein begrenztes Kontingent an verbilligten Fahrkarten zur Verfügung gestellt, welche von euch günstig erworben werden können. Erstmals sind dabei zugungebundene Tickets auch online buchbar.

Im Gegensatz zu letztem Jahr und zum Camp gibt es nicht nur zwei, sondern vier Fahrkartentypen: zuggebundene Fahrkarten (bei der Buchung muss sich für einen Zug entschieden werden) und zugungebundene Fahrkarten (Einsteigen, losfahren), das Ganze jeweils in der ersten oder zweiten Klasse, online und telefonisch buchbar.


    1. Klasse, zuggebunden: 89,00 Euro …

29C3 – Tickets and Pricing


29C3 will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 80 EUR will pay. Thus we’ll sell supporter tickets for 100 and 120 EUR. Please consider buying one of these. Help us minimize our losses and support others who can’t afford paying much more! Thanks a lot! :)

Moving the 29C3 to Hamburg will cost a lot of money. As far as we know yet, 80 EUR for a standard ticket will not cover those costs, even if a lot more people will show up at the …

The 29C3 interpretation project


This year the Chaos Communication Congress is not only celebrating its 29th edition, it is also the fourth time that we, the translators group, are going to bring you live interpretations of congress talks from German into English.
If you are an excellent speaker of the English language and have a sufficient grasp of German and perhaps some familiarity with the kind of content that the congress will feature, please contact us.

If you want to help us organising, please get in touch as well. If you know somebody who might want to help, point them towards our direction. We are told that the …

Reminder: CFP 29C3 – Deadline September 30!


Just a friendly reminder that the submission deadline for proposed talks and workshops is fast approaching. You only have a couple of days left – until September 30 – to think about what you’d like to contribute, and as always, we welcome your input. Please read the whole CFP here:

29C3 Call for Papers

Spread the word, submit a talk – and see you in December in Hamburg!

Invite all the Speakers!


You know someone who could tell us interesting things at the congress? You recently read an article and thought “It would be great to hear that person speak at the congress”? But you are not sure if he/she/it knows about it? Then just tell them!

There are many ways to do that, the easiest one would be sending an email like this:

“Hey [name], I like your [article /talk/project/something] and I would love to see you at the 29th Chaos Communication Congress. You can find the Call for Participation here: [link]. If you need any help with the submission form I would be happy to assist you. Be aware …

OBSOLETE – Call for Volunteers: Chaos Emergency Response Team


UPDATE: Wir haben genug Leute gefunden. Danke!

Liebe potentielle Besucher des 29C3,

wir, genauer das CERT ( mehr Informationen unter http://cert.ccc.de/ ), suchen fachkräftige und auch -kundige Unterstützung für den Sanitätsdienst am kommenden Congress in Hamburg.

Wen benötigen wir besonders?

Jede aktuell ausgebildete Person zwischen Sanitäter/Pfleger und Arzt, der/die es sich vorstellen kann, zusammen mit einem kleinen Team die auf einer solchen Veranstaltung (4000 Nerds, keine Schlipse, kein Musikkonzert, kein Fußballspiel) auftretenden Fälle zu betreuen.

(Ihr braucht dabei nicht Vollzeit …

Hey! What about the tickets for 29C3?

Hey! What about the tickets for 29C3?


As we had a lot of people asking, here some answers:

Q: How much will the tickets cost?
A: Our priority is to keep the price for the tickets as low as in the years before. So we currently assume that it will be around 80 Euros — as it was last year.

Q: What if I can not afford that?
A: There will be a friend’s request address as we had it before. More details coming with the start of the presale.

Q: But what is this friend’s request?
A: At 28C3 we handled it like this. Have a look.

Q: Ah, there will be a presale for tickets?
A: Yes, there will be a presale to buy a ticket in advance.

Q: So I …

Why did you move the CCCongress to Hamburg (of all places)?

Why did you move the CCCongress to Hamburg (of all places)?


So, the news is out. 29C3 will be a whole new Congress experience in a new venue, not to mention that it will move to a new city (or come back home after 13 years in Berlin if you prefer that point of view). What made us do it?

First of all, it wasn’t because we didn’t like the wonderful crew at BCC anymore. In fact, we love them to pieces, rainbows and unicorns and all that. Over the years, we had much, much more than just a business relationship with the people at the Berliner Congress Center. Dare we say: friendship? Yes, it’s probably in order. When talking about the move, the first thing …

Call for Participation for 29th Chaos Communication Congress


27|28|29|30 December 2012, CCH, Hamburg, Germany

The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). First held in 1984, it has since established itself as “The European Hacker Conference” attracting a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and practical utopists from all around the world.

29C3 will be an entirely new Congress experience. The location will change to the city of Hamburg in northern Germany to provide a large venue to the growing number of enthusiastic participants of the Congress who …