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The Congress is over. Long live the Congress!


=> Thank you, you all just rocked!


The 29C3 in the new location in Hamburg was great and you all made that possible! We are glad we made the move and really happy that it worked out well. However, congress is not over yet and there are still things to be done for 29C3. You can support us by:


You are anticipating the next Congress as impatiently as we are?

Go and watch ALL the talks: Documentation is still in progress, but most of the talks are already available. We’ll let you know when everything is finished.

Also there are a lot of events in between to shorten the wait:


We are looking forward to 30C3, hoping to have another wonderful community driven congress!

Still spaces left for your Lightning Talk!

There’s still a few open slots in the Lightning Talks happening on Days 2, 3 and 4.

We’re especially looking for Pecha Kucha talks in the first half of Day 3. There’s also plenty of space open for 5 minute talks on Day 4.

If there’s space, you can submit your Lightning Talk as late as Noon on the day you want to present.

There’s even a chance to do a remote lightning talk on Day 4. Check the wiki for more details!

Day 1: Pictures from the 29c3’s opening day

29C3 Hamburg Tag 1

Thanks to Sascha Ludwig for some awesome photos from Day 1 of the 29c3.

29C3 Hamburg Tag 1
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Online maps of the 29c3!

We now have interactive online maps of the 29c3 available at Feedback is always welcome on the channel on hackint.

Day 0: Pictures from the 29c3 Setup

As we head into Day 1, the 29c3 Setup is nearly complete. As you can see from this small sample of sights from the 29c3, we’re making very creative use of our much, much larger space without losing the feeling that makes the congress so special.

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Pre-ordered clothing will stay reserved throughout the 29c3

To eliminate any potential confusion from the last post about clothing: Pre-Ordered clothing will remain reserved until the end of the 29c3. Even if certain items are sold out to the general public, you can pick up your pre-orders at any time during the 29c3.

Spacenet WiFi available at 29c3

In addition to the standard WiFI flavors offered at previous CCC Events, you can now connect to Spacenet federated authenticated WiFi.

Even if you don’t belong to a Spacenet connected node, you can add an extra layer of security to your WiFi traffic by logging in as a 29c3 guest.

Check out more details on the 29c3 Spacenet page for more details!

WTF are “Shared Spaces”?

In this blogpost we introduce you to the new concept of shared spaces that can be found among the assemblies.

An earlier blogpost introduced you to the concept of workshops run by assemblies.

These assemblies already registered seats for themselves and requested optional “special seats” specifically for workshops.

We assigned seats to every assembly that registered on time.  Fortunately, we had more than enough seats to fulfill all requests.   In order to effectively utilize the extra space and help foster a greater sense of community, we created “shared spaces”.  These spaces are clearly marked signs hung from the ceiling or placed on the corresponding tables.

Feel free to use those shared places for:

  • Your assembly’s workshop
  • Just sitting down if you’re looking for a seat

If you have an assembly you designated the number of seats you needed for your group, plus the number of seats required for your workshops.   We took the additional seating required for workshops into account when creating the shared spaces.   Seats assigned to your assembly are yours for the duration of the 29c3.

However, you will need to coordinate the use of the shared spaces with neighboring assemblies.   Assemblies with scheduled workshops always take priority.  The shared spaces are free unless there is a scheduled workshop taking place.

If your assembly is planning a workshop that requires the use of the shared space, please make sure to properly reserve it well in advance.  The best way to reserve it the shared space is to place a sign on the table clearly stating when your workshops will take place.  (This will also help attendees know where your workshops are.)  If you are using the shared space prior to a workshop, please make sure to leave with enough time for the workshop to set up.  As well, once you’re done with your workshop, please tidy up and leave the shared space as you would like to find it.

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