Over the last years we've seen a shift in focus away from groups meeting and discussing topics at hand towards lectures and workshops. For many groups it was hard to find a decent home base to discuss ideas and get new folks interested in their community. For interested hackers it became harder to find someone to talk to, as everyone was wandering around.

We've already had a solution or that: villages on chaos communication camps pretty much worked as intended. So this year with a new exciting space to fill, we want to capture the camp's spirit in semi-open assemblies called "assemblies" ;)

So, you are a group of hackers who like to work and hang out together? Bring your toys, work on projects, have fun and let others participate in what you’re doing!

See also the blog post on this topic.

Please make sure that you have set up your assembly nicely until Sunday, 2nd of december:

  • complete all the information in the form, so everyone can get an overview of your assembly
  • in the “free text” field you can add pictures and other formats as well. Give an impression of your projects, the whole assembly and the people behind it. The “free text” will be the body of your page.
  • Make it clear if you’re planning workshops on site. If so, please update the information about them.
  • Choose an area for your assembly, if you wish.


What's the difference regarding to project places as it has been before?

In contrast to projects on past Congresses, which have been centered around the work that people do, Assemblies focus on social groups of people. Obviously there will still be projects, but they’ll rather be parts of an Assembly than stand alone. So, an assembly can be home base of many different projects or even without any projects.

How to reserve space

Use the Form for setting up your Assembly. Please let us know what you’d like to do, how much space you’ll need, what you’d like to bring with you, how much power your gear will consume, etc… Keep in mind: The more you tell us about your plans the better your chances that you’ll actually get what you want. Be aware: Only Assemblies that were added until 2nd of december will get an own place!

So we bring our projects and set up workshops and so on?

Yes, sharing your knowledge and showing other participants about your projects is central for everything going on at the conference. If people in your Assembly want to offer workshops or maybe lectures on a small scale, maybe there’ll be enough space for you to integrate a workshop area into your Assembly. For bigger workshops there will be workshop rooms, as usual.

Great, we will bring ALL THE THINGS!

Be aware that even at the new location space is still limited. But assemblies are invited to bring their toys and also to decorate their spot on the Congress – as long as everything you bring with you does not block exit paths and is not inflammable. These two requirements are important, and if your installations don’t fulfill them, we’ll be forced to remove them. Also: please don't use PAs or other sound systems.

Yes, we will do some workshops!

If you would like to have small-scale workshops in your Assembly, tell us what you’re planning and for how many people. Please be as specific as possible. We will probably not allocate extra workshop space for your Assembly, if you haven’t published something like a schedule on your Assembly page. For now it will be sufficient to list topics and speakers, later we’d like to see a timetable as well.

How about a projector for our area?

We will not provide projectors, canvas or anything apart from chairs and tables, but probably you’ve got those anyway.

List of already registered assemblies

  Description Area Workshops / Lectures
!eof The friendly hacker channel 1a no
/Dev/LoL Hackerspace from Linz/Austria no
/dev/tal Members of the Hackerspace Wuppertal maybe
29c3 CTF We will host a challenge based CTF at the 29C3. 0a no
A2600 A2600 is a small project run by 9 people who love their old Atari 2600 and think a cheap open source version of it would kick ass. Thats is why we want to meet at the 29C3 and continue our project of building an Atari 2600 clone based on a lightly modified uzebox. no
AK Vorrat The Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (German Working Group on Data Retention) is an association of civil rights campaigners, data protection activists and Internet users. The Arbeitskreis coordinates the campaign against the introduction of data retention in Germany. yes
Anarchist village people village asssembly Some anarchists from all over the world + the linuxcafe from hamburg 1e yes
Anti anti network meeting assembly 1e no
AquaVille A nice and cozy International village with a bunch of OS X using geeks 0e
Backspace Hackerspace Bamberg Assembly no
Billbronx & Friends Home of the Hamburg based Billbronx commune and friends. 2c no
BlinkenArea a group of tech-enthusiastic artists and art-enthusiastic technicians focusing on light installations 0e yes
Bytewerk Ingolstadt, birthplace of Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati certainly needs it's own place at 29c3 :-) The bytewerk is Ingolstadt's first hackerspace and also serves as a home for the local chaostreff, http://chaostreff.in 0b no
C3D2 Pentagon Chaos Computer Club Dresden <<</>> 1a yes
C3MA The Team from CCC Mannheim, with the amazing Lightwall! 1a no
C3S The Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) is a project to form a new, european collecting society for musical works from scratch. Amongst other things, it will support Creative Commons licenses. 0e no
C3pb Chaos in Paderborn 1a no
C4 Assembly around the c4 hackerspace, the u23 project and friends. 0d yes
CAcert A space dedicated to alternate approaches to certificate issuing, as developed as a Web of Trust by the CAcert community. Also, this is the place for you to be assured in order to get free certificates and become an assurer yourself. Support staff wil also be available. 1c yes
CCC Freiburg CCC Freiburg 0a maybe
CCC Ossendorf VIP area for CCCO premium members no
CCCFFM We are nerds from Chaos Computer Club in Frankfurt and the associated hackquarter. 0b no
Chaos Darmstadt Chaos Darmstadt members and affiliated 1e no
Chaos macht Schule Workshop-Bereich des „Chaos macht Schule“-Projekts yes
Chaosdorf Düsseldorfer Erfa Kreis. Die nördliche Chaos-Hochburg am Rhein, Ritter des Kampfes gegen die Netzzensur und tolerante Altbiertrinker, trifft sich jeden Freitag ab 18 Uhr in der Hüttenstr. 25 in Düsseldorf. 0b yes
Chaospott Assembly of CCC, Ruhrpott Edition 1a yes
Chaostreff Dortmund A Hackerspace from Dortmund, Germany no
Chaostreff Salzburg Assembly for the local Chaostreff group Salzburg yes
Chaoswelle 29C3 Representation of IG Chaoswelle, aka DARC e.V. OV "Freunde des CCC", aka D23 2d no
Chaotikum Registered association for setting up a hackerspace in Lübeck, Germany. 1e no
CryptoDotIs Crypto.is is an organization designed to assist and encourage anonymity and encryption research, development, and use. As part of this goal, we seek to revitalize the Cypherpunk movement and provide better software, security, and anonymity to individuals worldwide. 1b maybe
Cryptoparty What is CryptoParty? Interested parties with computers, devices, and the desire to learn to use the most basic crypto programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation! CryptoParties are free to attend, public, and are commercially and politically non-aligned. Available on DECT/GSM extension 2669. 1b yes
Cypherpunk.at We are a loose pack of IT and Internet enthusiasts in Lower Austria. We discuss and do projects related to security and privacy, but not limited do. 1b yes
DFRI DFRI is a nonprofit organisation working for digital rights. 0c no
Das Labor Members of the Hackerspace Das Labor maybe
Debian A home for the Debianistas at 29C3. 1f yes
Django We are some people who like to hack on Django or on other Python related projects. 1f no
Dn42 dn42 is the reboot of DIAC24. We are a big dynamic VPN with Internet services as BGP, OSPF, DNS, etc. We put emphasis on self-organization and sort the information in our Wiki. Each participant has a direct connection to at least on other (via GRE, OpenVPN, see Tunnelprotocols). This is where all the routes of the VPN are being exchanged via BGP. 1c no
Dystopia A small gathering of hackers from all over the world. 1e no
Entropia CCC Karlsruhe 1a maybe
EveryCook Our aim is:

'Better food trough information'

We want to collect all data about food, make it available as interactive buying/cooking help and for all kinds of cooking devices.
2f yes
FIfF 1a no
FIfF 1a no
Fail0verflow Console and embedded device hackers. 0b no
Flauscheria Small workshops about D.I.Y. stuff like podcasting and information about projects like "Hardware für Alle". 2f maybe
Flying Objects Assembly flying objects ( multikopter and stuff ) 0e maybe
Food Hacking Base Our goal is clear. We are going to create a food hacking&brewing paradis and you should join or at least come by! 2a yes
Formula Student We're trying to assemble several FSAE teams to bring their racecars to the 29c3 and hack our Electronics. maybe
Freitagsrunde TU-Berlin we are a students initiative from the Berlin Institute of Technology. see more about us at freitagsrunde.org (german) no
FuWaR We are a bunch of techies from the University of Furtwangen in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany. We share a common interrest in *nix, soldering, fun with LEDs + mcs and a special focus in network security.

We also had our Village at the Camp 2011 where you might have met us.

1a maybe
G3r4ff3l v1ll4g3 a bunch of Veteran Nerds with about 666 years of experience within the realms of hacking, forensick and voodoo. 1e maybe
GSM We are the Osmocom and OpenBTS projects. Visit us in Room 11! gsm no
Geheimorganisation The Geheimorganisation is a secret organisation of secret conspiracy. 2c no
Gentoo Linux Gentoo Linux users and developers joint table 1f no
Go@29C3 We want to provide the opportunity to play Go - or learn the rules of the game. Go is an ancient board game. Easy to learn (only 3 rules), quick to grasp (first game after only 10min introduction - promise!) but providing complex gameplay and fun. maybe
GodObject Assembly Usergroup of open-source Ruby/Rails programmers. 1f maybe
Hackademics The Hackademics CTF Team was founded by students in 2011. It is a independant team of students, representing the 'University of Applied Sciences Offenburg' (Germany). 0b no
Hackeriet 1b yes
Hardware Hacking Area The main Hardware Hacking Area 0e yes
Hgg hackerspace global grid 3b no
HoloVersum The HoloVersum is a Hamburg group of galactical hackers, musicians, DJs and holistic workers mainly consisting of Universum All Ton A, Dr. med Hans-Peter Greb aka Doc GoDo and HoloClaus. We are setting up several holograms and 3D Prints, a pseudo holographic projection system, will do other installations on the congress as well as a HoloDeck with 3D items, Holography Books, spontaneous workshops and more. At the end of the Congress HoloVersum with Universum All Ton A are doing the after Party at a very special location ;-) 1d maybe
I2P 2 I2P is an onion-routed overlay network. 1b maybe
Information Etudes In order to develop new tools for information-based advocacy, we will study fundamental properties of how information is shared, sought, and contextualized in various formats. We will focus on the economy of information, archives, trends, cultural wisdom, effective communication, language barriers, perception, clichés, story sharing, search engines, and community curation. 1b no
Initiative für Netzfreiheit fighting for net freedmon in Austria 2b no
Integral domain We have been around the congress for years, and we have, at times, felt that there's a large gap between hackers and the math they need. Wherever possible, we'd like to close that gap and in the remaining cases, at least we'd like to help understand why it's not that simple. 1c yes
KoFfeIn - Karlsruher organisieren Freiraum für erleuchtete Individuen Ein Platz für alle Nerds, Hacker, Ponies, Eichhörnchen, ... aus Karlsruhe und dem Umland! 1c maybe
Kölner Kreis German Group of IT Security Enthusiasts, Homebase in Cologne. Our current Topics are:

Capture the Flag - Environment build up - Challange Development Dumpster Diving

Pentest Visualisation / Web 2.0 Evaluation Tool Improvement
2c no
LSE We are a small student lab from EPITA (a CS school near Paris) with interests in systems programming, computer security, etc. About 6-8 of us will be present at 29c3. 0b no
La Quadrature du Net La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet. yes
Linux-Call-Router Provisioning of voice and telephony services 1d no
Lockpicking Area We´ll provide Informations about non destructive entry methods (NDE) in general. There are always members at the table to answer questions and show basic lockpicking techniques. Every day there will be a special workshop with a main focus on methods like: impressioning, e-picking, special tools etc. 1b yes
Mass collaboration Good things happen when a lot of people come together on the internet and decide to create something together. We'd like to showcase and talk about some of them. 0c yes
Metalab Vienna's first & most awesome hackerspace 3c maybe
Milliways You know milliways? The restaurant at the end of the universe? We just are it... 2g yes
Muccc The local chapter of the CCC in munich. Best known for ACAB and r0ket. 0a maybe
Mw In Bremen, Germany, some people are sharing their apartment and call it mw/Milliways. The Milliways also is some kind of hacker community. 1a no
Nerdlicht lights & bits 1c maybe
OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. 0a maybe
P2P Hackers GNUnet, PSYC, SecuShare, Crossbear 1b maybe
Phlausch Operation Center Social circle around some people mostly from Berlin, Erlangen and Vienna. 1e no
Pyneo 2d maybe
RFID hacking We have RFID hardware and software to read nearly all the cards you have in your pocket. So we can at least determine the typ of the card and can say something about its security. Depending on the type we also can readout or change the content. We also will have a zapper for disabling your RFID cards. 1a maybe
RTL-SDR The RTL-SDR project develops software for using DVB-T sticks based on the Realtek RTL2832U as cheap Software Defined Radios. no
RaumZeitLabor The mobile version of our Hackerspace "RaumZeitLabor" in Mannheim.

We move a lot of our Tools and Equipment to 29C3 for the fun of it.

More sugar than you can imagine
1c yes
Retrogaming We are a small group of people who gathered old videogameconsoles and games. The assembly will provide space to people to play with the old consoles and computers. There will be a lecture about the Intellivision console. 3a yes
Schweizer Chaos Swiss chaos with the (hopefully) newborn ccc-ch. An association of the swiss erfas, hackerspaces and chaostreffs. no
Shackspace the stuttgart hackerspace 2d maybe
Sigrok Portable, GPL'd software suite for logic analyzers, MSOs, oscilloscopes, DMMs... 3b no
Software radio--SDR-RTL--broadcasting update: we will meet in workshop room 12

About software defined radio, open source digital broadcasting and the SDR-RTL low cost USB stick. (see: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/RTL-SDR)

We (someone from RTL-SDR, Mathias from http://opendigitalradio.org and others) will meet the 29th of december, 11 PM update: in workshop room 12. Come around if you are interested in some of this. I will also bring a RAsperry Pie to setup an FM transmitter as in : http://hackaday.com/2012/12/10/transmit-fm-using-raspberry-pi-and-no-additional-hardware/
Stratum 0 Hackerspace Braunschweig 0e no
Sublab / c3le sublab is a hackerspace in leipzig. Chaostreff Leipzig, Freifunk Leipzig and other projects are located here. no
Swedish House Maffia Local gathering spot for the usual suspects from sweden that usually gather at CCC. no
Tetalab Toulouse Hackerspace no
The (un)employed schemers & lispers guild Lisp and scheme hackers all over the world gather and discuss the state of the union. We welcome beginners and interested people and will direct flamewars to the /dev/null room. There will also be workshops, and we are always open to helping newcomers get up to speed 1a yes
UAVP-NG This is a community-driven open source project to build a modern autonomously flying Multicopter. 2a yes
Wau Holland Stiftung The Wau Holland Foundation would like to inform about it's activities, projects supported by the foundation and also discuss possibilities for funding of additional projects within the scope of the foundation. If technically possible we will also show small movies about Wau Holland and his ideas transformed into the foundation. 1d maybe
Wireless This is the assembly traditionally known as "Wireless Corner" with people from freifunk.net, OpenWRT and surrounding projects. 3d no

There are 97 registered assemblies.

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