Mass collaboration
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Description: Good things happen when a lot of people come together on the internet and decide to create something together. We'd like to showcase and talk about some of them.
Parts of assembly Jeroen De Dauw, Johl, Lydia Pintscher, Silke Meyer
Workshops Building Wikidata, Cooperation Wikipedia-OpenStreetMap, Crowdsourcing Legislation, Hacking and Contribution Party, Hacking and Contribution Party 2, How exactly are we changing the world?, Mass collaboration and recruiting, Open Access in the context of other open movements, Tell us about your project, Tell us about your project 2
Organizational information
Orga contact lydia.pintscher@wikimedia.de
Area 0c
Things we bring posters, projector
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 7
Lecture seats 15
Power consumption
Planning notes It'd be great if we could have a wall where we can project pictures and animations.
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We want to discuss work large groups on the internet are doing together and admire the results. Join us!

We're still looking for other projects and workshops or roundtables. Contact Lydia to discuss please.

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