Weblink for assembly http://blog.lse.epita.fr/, http://git.lse.epita.fr/
Description: We are a small student lab from EPITA (a CS school near Paris) with interests in systems programming, computer security, etc. About 6-8 of us will be present at 29c3.
Parts of assembly Delroth, Halfr, Kalessin
Organizational information
Orga contact delroth@lse.epita.fr
Area 0b
Things we bring Most likely a Wii, a WiiU, maybe a screen, 6-8 laptops, some dev boards, small servo motors.
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 8
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption
Planning notes
Other Assemblies

LSE is a student lab from Paris working on operating systems, emulation, computer security, robotics and compilers for weird languages.

Some of our current projects: general development on the Dolphin GC/Wii Emulator, trying to reverse engineer the WiiU controller communication protocols, making a robot for the 2013 french robotics cup, etc.

At the 29c3 you will find us playing in the 29c3 CTF, working on drivers for the WiiU controller if our reverse engineering is progressing nicely, and having fun with Blender to control small servo-motors.

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