Weblink for assembly http://www.chaotikum.org, http://www.metameute.de
Description: Registered association for setting up a hackerspace in Lübeck, Germany.
Parts of assembly Jamalaka, NeoRaider, Xidd
Organizational information
Orga contact mbruhns@fastmail.net, jamalaka@ccchl.de
Area 1e
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 10
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption
Planning notes
Other Assemblies

Who are we ?

The Chaotikum is a newly founded registered association with the main goal of setting up a hackerspace in Lübeck, Germany. Our members are mainly from two pre-existing groups, the MetaMeute and the Chaostreff Lübeck. The Chaotikum has been in business since March 2012. We are currently house hunting.


As a heterogenous group, we work at many different projects, which are mostly private. Currently, our only officialy supported project is Freifunk Lübeck. We organized the Night Of Open Knowledge (MetaNook 2012). There is also some soldering, arduinos, lolshields and revived and/or repurposed hardware.

Who will be there ?

  • xidd
  • duckie
  • jamalaka
  • DerDerwish
  • laelia
  • johnnyb
  • larifari
  • NeoRaider
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