Schweizer Chaos
Weblink for assembly chaostreff.ch
Description: Swiss chaos with the (hopefully) newborn ccc-ch. An association of the swiss erfas, hackerspaces and chaostreffs.
Parts of assembly Obri, Silicium, The Compiler
Organizational information
Orga contact user10@kabelsalat.ch
Things we bring tbd
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 42
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption
Planning notes We will be 30-40 people from the different swiss erfas and chaostreffs. Many of our projects are software or microcontroller related but there could also be some soldering. We also plan to sell remaining easterhegg T-Shirts. There will also be an organisational gathering for ccc-ch and other swiss-related stuff. A not so crowded place would be great.
Other Assemblies

This is the homebase of the newborn ccc-ch with its associated swiss erfas, hackerspaces and chaostreffs. Ccc-ch.png

We will sell remaining easterhegg T-shirts from the easterhegg 2012 in Basel.

There will also be a gathering for swiss-related stuff like planning for the newborn ccc-sh and maybe also start planning for the next [cosin].

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