Weblink for assembly http://fail0verflow.com
Description: Console and embedded device hackers.
Parts of assembly Jix, Marcan
Organizational information
Orga contact marcan@fail0verflow.com
Area 0b
Things we bring Game consoles.

TV screens. Soldering stations, misc parts, and tools. Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, power supplies, JTAG adapters, other test gear, FPGA boards, bizarre device hacking setups, ... We may have a beamer too.

Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 30
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption Some extra for consoles, TVs, beamer, etc.
Planning notes We need power and networking, and we prefer to be seated around one big table if possible :)
Other Assemblies

Hello, device hacker!

Like the previous years, console hackers and team fail0verflow are getting together for 29C3. We hope to have some table space at the Hackcenter to set up our consoles, show off our hacks, and teach people about them!

The topic extends to many aspects of video game consoles and embedded devices, both software and hardware. This includes breaking the security, using homebrew software, modifying their existing software, hardware modifications and improvements, using custom hardware peripherals with consoles, using console peripherals with custom hardware, and anything else that's related to video game consoles. A lot of what goes on behind the scenes only happens once or twice, so here's your chance to learn what it really means to hack a game console, hands-on.

If you always wanted to learn how the Wii's security was broken using a pair of tweezers, how to reverse engineer the Wii Remote's extension encryption and make your own, or why using a real random number generator is be very important, you might want to stop by and say hi :)

With the Wii and the PS3 down, what will happen this year? I hear a new console is coming out jUst before the congress...

The Fail0verflow team is also looking forward to having lots of fun at the CTF event again this year (if applicable)!

In past congresses we usually registered under the "Console Hacking" group, and members include people who have worked on the iPhone Dev Team and the wii hacking group Team Twiizers. We will also have a number of guests sitting with us.

The Equipment

  • Consoles: Wii, PS3, 3DS, Xbox 360, Wii U
  • Soldering stations, FPGA boards, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, JTAG interfaces, TVs, ...

The Hackers

We expect to have about 30 hackers present at our table. This list will grow as people confirm their tickets/attendance.

  • marcan
  • iZsh
  • saurik
  • jix + 2 friends
  • bushing
  • mha
  • drmr
  • blasty + 1 friend
  • tmbinc + 2 friends
  • sven
  • Travis Goodspeed
  • planetbeing + 1 friend
  • pytey + 1 friend
  • zf
  • bunnie + 1 friend
  • c1
  • comex
  • roxfan
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