Weblink for assembly http://www.unfuck.eu/, http://www.unfug.org/
Description: We are a bunch of techies from the University of Furtwangen in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany. We share a common interrest in *nix, soldering, fun with LEDs + mcs and a special focus in network security.

We also had our Village at the Camp 2011 where you might have met us.


Parts of assembly Azidburn, Bad, Bluec0re, Bluemike, Cfo, Clee, Crest42, Dante, Ikarus, Lety, M3, Maggus, Magnus, Matsch, Rtznprmpftl, Schalla, Schwaehn, SimScha, Skelle, Spyk, Tingeltangelmike, Valy, Winnie, Wish
Organizational information
Orga contact kontakt@nicolas-berens.de
Area 1a
Local workshops/lectures maybe
Planned workshop/lectures We are planning on some things, most of them are on a come-by-and-talk-to-us basis:
  • network security
  • ipv6
  • voip
  • Field telephony
  • Field telephones with Voip over ipv6
Member seats 20
Lecture seats 5
Power consumption
Planning notes
Other Assemblies
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  • If Dante, Crest or rtznprmpftl is present, we can teach you something about Field-telephony


  • Senior Execution Officer of Physical Security/Gauleiter: Dante

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Vehicle if(has a car){username(seats)} From Departure Date Passenger
Car spyk(5) Seitingen 26.12. (13:00) spyk, SimScha, m3, Barthoxx
Car Schwaehn(5) Seitingen 26.12. (13:00) Schwaehn, Bad, Skelle
Car Winnie Heidelberg 26.12. Winnie, Schalla
Car ikarus(5) VS-Schwenningen 27.12. (ca. um 01:00) ikarus, Ostcar, Eichi
Vehicle if(has a car){username} To Departure Date Passenger
Car spyk(5) Berlin 01.01. spyk, SimScha, Bad, m3
Car Schwaehn(5) Seitingen 30.12. Schwaehn, Skelle, Matsch
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