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!eof +The friendly hacker channel


$natch +Snatch challenge is real-time and “real-life” Internet Banking hacking contest. Specially for the competition, we developed our own remote banking system from scratch and imbedded common vulnerabilities discovered during of security assessment of such systems...


/Dev/LoL +Hackerspace from Linz/Austria
/dev/tal +Members of the Hackerspace Wuppertal


29c3 CTF +We will host a challenge based CTF at the 29C3.


A2600 +A2600 is a small project run by 9 people who love their old Atari 2600 and think a cheap open source version of it would kick ass. Thats is why we want to meet at the 29C3 and continue our project of building an Atari 2600 clone based on a lightly modified uzebox.
AEON +This project aims to provide anonymous DNS lookups by encrypting requests and responses and sending them using DNS tunneling through an unauthoritative nameserver to the delegated server that supports aeon.
AK Vorrat +The Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (German Working Group on Data Retention) is an association of civil rights campaigners, data protection activists and Internet users. The Arbeitskreis coordinates the campaign against the introduction of data retention in Germany.
Anarchist village people village asssembly +Some anarchists from all over the world + the linuxcafe from hamburg
Anti +anti network meeting assembly
Antragsschach, Proposal Chess +Game design workshop for a LARP, inspired by Nomic (1982) and the latest and greatest Bundesparteitag (2012)
AquaVille +A nice and cozy International village with a bunch of OS X using geeks
Arduino *Programming* Intro (for other genders) +There have been and will be various Arduino-Hardware-Workshops. '''This workshops aims at providing a brief hands-on basic introduction to *programming* them:'''
Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop day2 +Arduino workshop for newbies, using TV-B-Gone remote controls as an intro
Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop day3 +Arduino workshop for newbies, using TV-B-Gone remote controls as an intro
Austrian Net Politics Meetup +***Für alle die sich für Netzpolitik in Österreich interessieren*** Wir treffen sich Am Samstag um 18:15 über die Geschehnisse in der österreichischen Netzpolitik upzudaten bzw. über die Aktivitäten und Ziele im nächsten Jahr zu sprechen. Dabei sind: * Initiative für Netzfreiheit * AK Vorrat (Österreich) * OKFN * Piratenpartei Österreichs Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Anteilnahme! Update: Das Meetup findet um 18:15 neben dem Metalab Assembly statt!


Backspace +Hackerspace Bamberg Assembly
BarfBag +Mobile client of the Pentabarf / frab for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Basic Electronic Fashion +A hands-on workshop introducing the basic techniques and materials for use with electronic fashion, e-textile and wearable projects.
Beginners Guide to Android Reverse Engineering +This workshop is a beginners guide to the first steps of self-defense by dismanteling apps and gaining inside their functions. It is aimed at hackers with some general knownledge about programming (understanding Java is better) and the use of command line tools.
Billbronx & Friends +Home of the Hamburg based Billbronx commune and friends.
BiscuIT +Entwicklung eines freien Schul-Informations-Systems für Schüler, Eltern und Lehrer
BlinkenArea +a group of tech-enthusiastic artists and art-enthusiastic technicians focusing on light installations
Brewing probiotic beverages +Introduction to brewing probiotic beverages using kombucha, granos tibicos (water kefir) and milk kefir whey. The workshop will be partly demonstration and partly hands on, sharing the cultures with participants.
Brvrbt +analog robots - you will build a Braitenberg vehicle (type 2)
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