Weblink for assembly https://mw.vc
Description: In Bremen, Germany, some people are sharing their apartment and call it mw/Milliways. The Milliways also is some kind of hacker community.
Parts of assembly Allspark, Chrische, Exe, Helios, Jplitza, Kritter, L3akage, Mieke, Morpheus, Msquare, Mushu, NeoRaider, Th, Torferde, Turncoat
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Orga contact list@mw.vc
Area 1a
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 18
Lecture seats
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Planning notes We do engelsystem support and development. To be next to heaven is important!

We're planning at https://planetcyborg.de/pads/p/congress2012

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What is mw?

mw is the short name of our apartment sharing project, which originally is named is Milliways. But we recognized too late that the name was already taken in the CCC-environment and so we decided to use the shortname at CCC events. In "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" the "Milliways" is a restaurant at the end of the universe. The guests experience the end of the universe and then rewind time by the help of turbines.

Our "Milliways" also is some kind of hacker community of people that are part of the dn42 project and are interested in virtualization, Jabber/XMPP and IPv6.

earlier appearances of us


  • EOC: Engelsystem-Operation-Center
  • engelsystem
  • chaosvpn
  • dn42
  • archiveteam
  • hacking a coffee maker
  • qhas
  • c3netmon ( dashboard with noc/poc/voc data )

EOC: Engelsystem-Operation-Center

msquare, jplitza and helios are available to patch and fix the engelsystem.

Please call msquare first. Contact informations are available at the user-pages.


We've developed a fork of the original engelsystem by cookie which is called engelsystem 2.0. It's used this year to organize the volunteer's work. This is the first time for a congress. New location - new engelsystem.

We will collect bugs and make usability studies to determine the next features to be implemented.

There is much to do:

  • Foreign keys
  • MVC
  • Calendar view
  • Profile page
  • Better message system
  • ...


helios wants to implement some new features in the chaosvpn-code.


Last year we've planned to renew the existing Wiki. In the meantime we've setup a new one und now we've planned to fill it with useful information. Also we've wanted to create a new CI for the dn42, but unfortunately our time management was bad ;).


hacking a coffee maker

We want to connect a coffee maker with the internet.


Qhas is our home automation solution writen in c + php. The qhas daemon is able to control / collect data from various fs20 devices, fht devices, hms devices and the elv max cube


URL: http://dashboard.congress.ccc.de/


We are'nt planning any workshops. But maybe we do some spontanious knowhow-brain-input.

Who will be there

  1. allspark
  2. chrische
  3. exe
  4. fischkind
  5. flaushy
  6. helios
  7. jplitza
  8. kritter
  9. l3akage
  10. mieke
  11. morpheus
  12. msquare
  13. neoraider
  14. sicarius
  15. th
  16. torferde
  17. turncoat
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