Weblink for assembly http://hackeriet.no
Parts of assembly Comotion
Organizational information
Orga contact post@hackeriet.no
Area 1b
Things we bring basic infrastructure
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures opsec, microcontrollers, lua, programs to save your life
Member seats 5
Lecture seats 23
Power consumption 1000W
Planning notes scn ctp krav and comotion will be holding workshop raffles
Other Assemblies

We do mechanics, electronics, fabrication, automatisation, creative recycling, socioeconomix, telecomix, 2600 style chipfunk, filtering, language wars, cipherpunk, cryptoparties, radio transmissions, code zen, free software, permaculture, social engineering, quantum fiziks, particle bendage and data love.

We will hold some (short) workshops and hold audience at dead times. We might be available for questions, if there are enough turtles.

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