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Description: Vienna's first & most awesome hackerspace
Parts of assembly A.tr0x, C3o, Herbert, Kay, Lippi, MacLemon, Overflo, Red667, Redplanet, Vandebina
Workshops Harbor photowalk
Organizational information
Orga contact core$metalab.atURIs of the form "core$metalab.at" are not allowed.
Area 3c
Things we bring [[Brings stuff::

- 3D printer (most likely)
- lots of electronics kits by overflo
- blinky goodness, a few of our Blinkofant cubes
- maybe a few retro gaming consoles for a small gaming/chilling area
- some HAM Radio stuff (Tetra radios, local Echolink Node, etc...)]]

Local workshops/lectures maybe
Planned workshop/lectures MetaFunk Amateur Radio & electronics workshops at Hardware Hacking Area
Member seats
Lecture seats
Power consumption yes
Planning notes [[Planning notes::There will be 20+ members of Viennese hackerspace Metalab present at 29C3 and it would be very nice to have some space to ourselves to present our hackerspace and its projects. It would be awesome if we could be near Chaoswelle.]]
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Metalab, Vienna's first & most awesome hackerspace, is coming to 29C3 and will bring a minified Leiwandville version!

We won't bring our phone booth (unfortunately we don't have the means to transport it, what with us travelling to Hamburg from Austria and all...), but:

  • - there'll be blinky goodness - eg. a few of our Blinkofant cubes
  • - lots of Overflo's/hackerspaceshop.com's electronics kits
  • - we will most likely bring one of our 3D printers. :)
  • - if transportation allows we might bring some retro gaming consoles for a small gaming/chilling area

MetaFunk, Metalab's amateur radio group will set up some radios in cooperation with Chaoswelle

  • a few TETRA Radios in DMO mode
    • 430.4125MHz or 433.450MHz, MCC:901, MNC:16383, Talkgroup ID:0 feel free to join
    • we will bring a MTH800 programming cable+software if you've got a freqency extended Handset
  • Simplex Echolink Link for international calls
  • probably also HAMNET equipment if there is a HAMNET POP nearby.

There'll be 20+ of us and we'd love to get space for our assembly on either the 2nd or 3d floor (we wants lots of natural light/daylight!). It would be cool to be nearby Chaoswelle since most of the MetaFunk members would like to do both, amateur radio and Metalab socializing and the cooperation also worked quite well at the CCCamp11.

Overflo will be holding quite a few workshops together with Maltman23 at the Hardware Hacking Area and our amateur amateurs will be MetaFunking, but we probably won't hold any workshops or lectures at our assembly. (Well, who knows... we might end up giving an intro to 3D printing if we bring our printer!)

Adhoc questions about Ham Radio, Metalab or whatever are of course most welcome.

We're already very much looking forward to the congress, especially since there'll be LOTS more of us in attendance this year than in previous years - yay!

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C3o Vienna
Datacop Vienna
Kay Vienna
Lippi Vienna
Lutoma Mannheim
MacLemon Vienna
Malaclypse Salzburg
Mononofu Vienna
Nfo Vienna
Overflo Vienna
Red667 Vienna
Redplanet Vienna

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