Here you find some notes on the new Venue, especially on the spaces for assemblies.

The maps are just drafts!

  • The coloured areas are the ones for assemblies, different colour for different floors
  • At some places there are example tables – they should give a glimpse on the dimension. Please note, that the tables will give more space per person than in bcc :)
  • See upper left corner of map floor 0 to get a feeling for the scale (please see also the table there)
  • Be aware: there are way more stairs and toilets than the ones that are inserted on the map.


Floor 0 (blue)

Media:00eg iso v1.3.0.svg

Floor 0

Image/Map Sources: Original GFX: Media:00eg_iso_v1.0.0.png, Handdrawn GFX: Media:Floor0.jpg

  • entrance and exit
  • speakersroom
  • cash-desks, shirts, infotresen, cert (not in the map yet)
  • cloakroom
  • hall 4 and hall 6
  • smokers-Lounge
  • some snacks+coffee
  • some drinks (bottles)
  • NOC-helpdesk

Assemblies Floor 0

  • Hardware Hacking Area
  • Loads of other assemblies (this is our biggest Assembly Area)

Floor 1 (green)

Media:01og iso v1.3.0.svg

Floor 1

Image/Map Sources: Original GFX: Media:01og_iso_v1.0.0.png, Handdrawn GFX: Media:Floor1.jpg

Assemblies Floor 1

Floor 2 (yellow)

Media:02og iso v1.3.0.svg

Floor 2

Image/Map Sources: Original GFX: Media:02og_iso_v1.0.0.png, Handdrawn GFX: Media:Floor2.jpg

  • main entrances to hall 1
  • some snacks+coffee
  • cooked food
  • drinks (bottles)
  • ballpit

Assemblies Floor 2

  • Food + hacking

Floor 3 (orange)

Media:03og iso v1.3.0.svg

Floor 3

Image/Map Sources: Original GFX: Media:03og_iso_v1.0.0.png, Handdrawn GFX: Media:Floor3.jpg

full map floor 3

  • more entrances to hall 1
  • hotdogs, pizza and brezels

Assemblies Floor 3

  • Wireless and mobile stuff
  • retro gaming area

Floor 4 (red)

Media:04og iso v1.3.0.svg

Floor 4

Image/Map Sources: Original GFX: Media:04og_iso_v1.0.0.png, Handdrawn GFX: there was none

  • still more entrances to hall 1

(no map yet, but no assembly-places anyway)

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