Weblink for assembly http://www.cacert.org, https://wiki.cacert.org/Software/Assessment
Description: A space dedicated to alternate approaches to certificate issuing, as developed as a Web of Trust by the CAcert community. Also, this is the place for you to be assured in order to get free certificates and become an assurer yourself. Support staff wil also be available.
Parts of assembly BenBE, Magu, Natureshadow
Projects BiscuIT
Workshops CAcert Mini-ATE, CAcert user support session, Entwicklung eines freien Schul-Informations-Systems, The state of CAcert
Organizational information
Orga contact BenBE@cacert.org, dominik.george@cacert.org
Area 1c
Things we bring UV-Lamps / Document Check lamps

Lots of Dead Wood ;-) Advertising Stand

Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures *Software Develoepment
  • Projects surrounding CAcert
  • Assurer Training (User:Natureshadow)
  • The state of CAcert (aka The Browser Question) (User:Natureshadow)
Member seats 15
Lecture seats 10
Power consumption 1x 230V (UV-Lamps)
Planning notes As we need a place to concentrate a quiet corner would be great although people should still be able to find us easily.

Also we'll need part of the seats oriented in a way so people can easily place themselves near us (e.g. in parallel to the direction people are walking along).

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