Weblink for assembly https://raumzeitlabor.de/
Description: The mobile version of our Hackerspace "RaumZeitLabor" in Mannheim.

We move a lot of our Tools and Equipment to 29C3 for the fun of it.

More sugar than you can imagine

Parts of assembly Alexander Brock, Lutoma, Rami, Silsha, TabascoEye, Tiefpunkt, Unicorn
Workshops Laser engraving, Textile Design, Computer Embroidery, Button/Pin Making. Be creative!
Organizational information
Orga contact info@raumzeitlabor.de
Area 1c
Things we bring 3D Printer Ultimaker (400W), T-shirt press (1 kW), Lasercutter "The FaZzZ0r"+supplies(1 kW), Embroidery machine(300W), softice machine (belongs to muCCC, 1,5 kW), Popcorn machine (1,5 kW), Slushie machine (800 W), candyfloss machine (800 W), some welding equipment (~800 W)
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures Some Workshops we will try to hold:
  • How to design files for a laser cutter
  • How to design your own embroidery stuff
  • How to eat Popcorn & Candy floss
  • How to get even more sugar
  • Design your own shirt (or jeans...)
  • Designing Animations for the Hacklace

and many more.

Member seats 150
Lecture seats 8
Power consumption 15kW peak
Planning notes * possibility to vent the laser fumes outside would be nice (we do have active charcoal filtering, but it would still be better to be close to a door or window to the outside
  • somewhere near the angel kitchen would be nice...
  • as every assembly seems to exaggerate their needed seats by factor 3-5, we've also used such a made up number. In reality, we expect many friends and know of about 20 RZL-Members who will come to 29C3, so some seats would be nice...
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One of the best hackerspaces in the universe ;)


  • Get your own @hacklace and many other cool electronic projects.
  • Solder your stuff, we even show you how to solder.

Creative departement

  • Design your own T-Shirt! We have our own textile press to make new Designs. See a list of available colors in our wiki
  • We bring our USB Embroidery Machine (Brother PSR-90E)
  • Our worldfamous lasercutter "The FaZzZ0r" will be there! BYOD to engrave it, see examples on this page
  • We bring a button maschine which can produce 25mm buttons

Food hacking

We bring some stuff you shouldn't miss:

  • CANDY FLOSS maschine
  • POPCORN maschine(Commercial grade)
  • SLUSH maschine(braaaaaainfreeeeezeeee!!!!!)
  • We will have the famous chaos SOFTICE maschine from our friends at µCCC in our assembly
  • Get some RaumZeitLager

No food will be sold. Please donate as much as you can afford to cover for the huge expenses we had to bring you all this amazing stuff.

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