Lockpicking Area
Weblink for assembly http://www.lockpicking.org/
Description: We´ll provide Informations about non destructive entry methods (NDE) in general. There are always members at the table to answer questions and show basic lockpicking techniques.

Every day there will be a special workshop with a main focus on methods like: impressioning, e-picking, special tools etc.

Parts of assembly Cgre, Manfred, Marillion, Mh, RFguy, Schliessnase, SpooXe
Organizational information
Orga contact marci@marciweb.de, shop@ssdev.org
Area 1b
Things we bring A few notebooks plus monitores, beamer, maybe a canvas if there is no space to point the beamer to a near wall, a few show doors to demonstrate opening techniques and some stuff for decoration, nothing really big!

An area which is closed on at least one side is perfect to create a closed area for the shop and the cashier!

Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats
Lecture seats
Power consumption
Planning notes We need tables and chairs for up to 20 people plus a nice spot for the shop.
Other Assemblies


You´ll find us at Area 1b.


Permanent workshops at the table(s) during the listed times:

Basic Crew: Martina/ Arthur/ Roland/ Cnud/ Marci Supporter: Frank/ Jan/ Manfred

  • Thu, 27th Dec 2012 12 - 8pm

Special workshop at 3pm: pin tumbler basics/ re-pinning/ disassembling/ master key systems by Jan

  • Fri, 28th Dec 2012, 12 - 8pm

Special workshop at 3pm: dimple locks and/or e-picking basics by Frank

  • Sat, 29th Dec 2012, 12 - 8pm,

Special workshop at 3pm: bumpkeys by Cnud

  • Sun, 30th Dec 2012, 12 - 4pm,

Special workshop at 3pm: impressioning by Arthur


The official SSDeV Sportshop will be reachable at the Lockpicking Area as well.


Lockpicking is fun!


Since Hamburg is the city where locksport more or less was born,

it is the ideal place to organize an international lockpicker party.

On December 28th all lockpickers and friends are welcome at the party.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all the people which made the Lockpicking Area running, especially to sva but also to the info desk and the entrance crew for your fabulous support.


The SSDeV crew hope to see you again at 30c3 in 2013 at the same place in the Lockpicking Area.

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