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Description: We are a small group of people who gathered old videogameconsoles and games. The assembly will provide space to people to play with the old consoles and computers. There will be a lecture about the Intellivision console.
Parts of assembly Rem0te
Organizational information
Orga contact 29C3@rem0te.net
Area 3a
Things we bring 3 TVs

TV Stands Various consoles and computer including: 1x N64, 1x Gamecube, 1-2x Intellivision, 2x C64 and more.

Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures The Intellivision - A technical overview
Member seats
Lecture seats 20
Power consumption
Planning notes We would need a place where three TVs and two tables for the computers fit in. Futhermore there will be two couches.
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