Weblink for assembly http://www.cypherpunk.at/
Description: We are a loose pack of IT and Internet enthusiasts in Lower Austria. We discuss and do projects related to security and privacy, but not limited do.
Parts of assembly Creo, Duuft, Eagle
Projects AEON, Libhpxml, OnionCat, Smrender, Windf
Workshops OSM Data Processing with Smrender
Organizational information
Orga contact bf@abenteuerland.at
Area 1b
Things we bring Beamer, notebooks, posters, (not well defined yet)
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures OnionCat -- Installation/Usage/Debugging,

Multi-threaded Programming, Hacking Android Apps for Dummies, Microcontroller Programming

Member seats 6
Lecture seats 2
Power consumption
Planning notes
Other Assemblies




We are currently planning our assembly, thus everything here is subject to change.


We work on a bunch of projects. Here is a selection of projects. Please have a look at the projects' pages for further information.

  • OnionCat is a VPN based on the Tor network. We will show you how to install and - if necessary - how to troubleshoot it.
  • AEON aims to provide anonymous DNS lookups by using Onion Rounting in combination with DNS Tunneling.
  • Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based rendering engine for OSM data. We will give a workshop in writing extensions with personal purposes for Smrender.
  • Windf is a set of tools to generate meteorological symbols.
  • Libhpxml is a high performance XML stream parser library written in C with a simple API.

Official Members


We are open to everybody and would like to invite you to come and talk with us. We are interested in a lot of different topics -- technical and non-technical ones. Programming, Linux, micro controllers, hacktivism,...


We plan to do several workshops. We are currently in the preparation phase, hence, we do not know exactly about the details and also not the schedule. Of course, we will register our workshops in the official workshop schedule. Have a look at the box on top of this page for list of registered and planned workshops.

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