Phlausch Operation Center
Weblink for assembly
Description: Social circle around some people mostly from Berlin, Erlangen and Vienna.
Parts of assembly Lordminx
Organizational information
Orga contact theresa@someserver.de
Area 1e
Things we bring maybe an air mattress (ca 2x2 m)
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 10
Lecture seats
Power consumption only laptops
Planning notes An area in a quieter corner or at the side, if possible
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Let there be flausch!

.. Der Versuch, ein Stück der Gemütlichkeit von der Intergalaktischen Club Mate Party auf den 29c3 zu bringen.

Our assembly is intended to be a Safe Space, in the sense that sexism (especially rape culture [1]), racism and any other form of oppression of underprivileged groups will not be tolerated.
We are not only aware of the Anti-Harassment Policy, we choose to make it our priority to enforce it within our space.

As the 29c3 motto "Not my department" suggests, it is critical that we as a community are aware of social problems as well as technical ones.
We do not intend to have extensive discussions on the topic at the assembly, as it is meant to be a space where one can relax, be we do find it important for our "community" in general to have these discussions.

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