When and where is the 29C3 going to happen?
December 27th to 30th, 2012
CCH Congress Center Hamburg, Germany, Earth, Milky Way (Karte)
CCH - Congress Center Hamburg
Am Dammtor / Marseiller Str.
20355 Hamburg
Geo Coordinates
N 53° 33' 42
E 9° 59' 11


Tickets, Pricing, Ticket Sale

Questions about Tickets, Pricing and Ticket Sale
see Tickets


What to do if I wanna be a real part of the Congress?
see Volunteers
see also Projects
after that see also FTP


Questions about the congress network
see Network
Questions about securing your computer
see How To Survive


Questions about the DECT-Network and the Phone Operation Center
see POC
Questions about the GSM network
see GSM

Accommodation and Travel

Questions on where to stay
see Accommodation
Questions on how to get there
see Travel
Further information about Hamburg and public transport
see Information about Hamburg

Other Questions

Is the CCH barrier-free for people with mobility disabilities?
Yes. Elevators can be freely used and will be available from ground floor up and down without key or CCH personel. The parking lot levels will be locked and therefore unreachable via elevators. Disabled people and their escort can get easy entrance via the ambulance ramp at the backside of the building on ground level. The ramp is signposted for car drivers. If required, they can receive assistance from the CCC CERT team via DECT 112 and DECT 911.
But in general, all angels will be happy to assist in case of any questions or if a helping hand is required.
For more details the CCH provides a Merkblatt für Rollstuhlfahrer (German Version) or Information for people with mobility disabilities (Englisch Version)
To get to the Assembly-Space at Floor 3 and/or to the Ten Forward Lounge at Floor 4 there need to be a transit via another elevator, reachable from Floor 1 or 2. Please get the map at infodesk, 1st floor. (todo: add the map here)
What about videotaping/taking pictures at congress?
Ask everybody in the picture if they agree to be photographed or filmed.
It follows that shots from the stage into the audience and long shots in the hack center and the other public areas are not possible! Please note that we might ask photographers and film teams to leave if they don't behave accordingly.
Why did you move the CCCongress to Hamburg (of all places)?
We answered that in a blog post.
Is the Congress open 24/4?
Will there be a place to deposit luggage (such as lockers) ?
We have the Cloakroom where you can deposit your luggage for which we cannot assume liability. Real lockers are in the nearby train station ("Dammtor").
Why is the Congress so expensive? I only earn XYZ?
Frankly, we don't think the Congress is expensive: None of us gets paid for their work and the entrance fee just covers the inevitable costs for internet, power, cch staff, external supporters, etc. We try to involve every attendee by their financial capabilities. If you think the entrance fee exceeds yours and you still would like to attend, please contact us via email, together we will find a solution. See also: Tickets
I've heard about people being harassed at tech cons. Do I need to worry?
Generally, the Congress is a safe and friendly place, and the vast majority of attendants knows how to behave. If you run into someone who doesn't and can't resolve the problem yourself or with the help of other attendants, don't hesitate to contact the security angel, either directly by calling 110 on DECT, or by asking any of the volunteers to do this for you. We will provide help and assistance. See our Anti-Harassment Policy for more details.
I want to buy/sell a hackable tool at the Congress. How do I get it done?
If you need or want to get some hardware tools, you can try posting a requests for tools on the board. Please also take a look at this page, if you plan on bringing (or can bring) along some hackable tools you'd be willing to get rid of.
Where is the mandatory dating site?
It's here: Dating
Where can I get vegan or vegetarian food?
Have a look at the Happy-Cow page or at Hamburg-VEGAN.de
How the hell do you flip the tables in Saal 1?

Pull the lever and pull the table towards you. Then pull it again and flip the upper part to a horizontal position. See photo at http://repat.de/2012/12/how-to-open-tables-in-saal-1-29c3/

After-Party on Dec 30th

In Berlin, there was always an ending-party at the c-base on the December 30th evening which was really worth to stay. Is there something similar in Hamburg?

Yes, there will be an after-party on Dec 30th. It will take place at the Universum Altona near S-Bhf Diebsteich starting around 8 PM, see After Party.
BTW: for those travelling back to or via Berlin: the c-base has a congress afterparty as well
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