Weblink for assembly http://anti.teamidiot.de
Description: anti network meeting assembly
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Organizational information
Orga contact ailin@flupps.net
Area 1e
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 4
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption
Planning notes around software people, c3le, ccc ulm?
Other Assemblies

The Anti web notes started in 2006 from the small group of remaining grown-up kiddies :> the first of them already were famous on BuHa board for their hacker "CD" around y2k and their bulletin boards survived perl, the 2001/9/9 bug and phpBB but fell before the domain squatters. the chat miqrated from irc to silc and now to muc *brr*. others went to make coqtails, and those that can't attend are either poor or lost in weed or in Australia! those that can make it however, we hope to meet at this table @29c3!

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