29c3 CTF
Weblink for assembly http://29c3ctf.aachen.ccc.de
Description: We will host a challenge based CTF at the 29C3.
Organizational information
Orga contact spq@aachen.ccc.de robbje@aachen.ccc.deURIs of the form "spq@aachen.ccc.de robbje@aachen.ccc.de" are not allowed.
Area 0a
Things we bring Beamer, Wall, 4x Server (Tower-PCs)
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 12
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption about 1.5 kW for the servers (230 V)
Planning notes It would be nice if we can be near the NOC and other CTF Teams (e.g. LSE, Hackademics)
Other Assemblies

Dear hackers,

we would like to announce the 29c3 CTF, a challenge based CTF held at the 29C3 in Hamburg, running from Dec. 27 13:37 (UTC) until Dec. 29 23:42 (UTC). It will be possible to participate via the congress network and internet.

The challenges will be of different categories and the team with the most points at the earliest point in time will win. The challenges are meant for beginners as well as advanced hackers.

Register here: http://29c3ctf.aachen.ccc.de

Join the IRC channel: irc://irc.hackint.org/29c3ctf

Follow us on twitter: 29c3ctf

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