Food Hacking Base
Weblink for assembly https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Food_Hacking_Base
Description: Our goal is clear. We are going to create a food hacking&brewing paradis and you should join or at least come by!
Parts of assembly Algoldor, Drcping, Ipse, Maltman23, Maxx, Nickfarr, Webmind
Workshops Brewing probiotic beverages, Probiotic kefir making
Organizational information
Orga contact algoldor@yahoo.com
Area 2a
Things we bring general kitchen equipment and tools (no open fire, gas or other), electric stoves, water cattle, food processor (or at least blender), fridge, coffee machine, chafing dishes, cutting boards, pots, knifes and around a million of other thinks for food hacking brewing and workshops
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures Kefir making (Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck); introduction to brewing makgeolli - traditional Korean alcoholic rice beverage (Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck); brewing non alcoholic probiotic beverages - ginger beer, hibisus cooler etc (Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck); culturing your own nattō(Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck); there will be approximately 3-6 workshops per day (it ca be more)
Member seats 15
Lecture seats 10
Power consumption electric stoves, water cattle, fridge, food processor
Planning notes Hi everyone. Summary - We need place for foodhacking/brewing, to present our activities, to sit down and chat and socialize and run smaller scale workshops (below 15 people), all in one spot if possible, up to 20 people max at most busy periods, as close as possible to 29c3 angels kitchen, running water and sink would be super! This project is about making/hacking food and beverages as was the case on last three CCC events (http://events.ccc.de/camp/2011/wiki/Food_Hacking_Base camp, http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/wiki/Food_hacking_base 28c3). We need to have place to gather, share our products as tasters promoting what is this about and be able to run workshops (on the spot if possible for smaller events, bigger workshops will be signed separately as workshops). Also it would be good to have this time more place to sit down and just chat. Last two years we had a small spot to ourselves which allowed us to present and keep some staff but we need something bigger during whole event, we have grown. I'm in touch with some ccc folk already included Kamiwolf (food archangel). If possible we should be located close to the ccc kitchen(heaven) because we hope to cooperate with the folk there (I was in charge of the night shift food preparations for angels at 28c3 and I hope to do the same this year). Honestly most of the people will sign in for the smaller scale lectures and workshops again one or two weeks before if not few days before the event and I need to make sure that they will have a decent location to do what they want. You have seen it happening before well it is here again :-)
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Welcome to the Food Hacking Base!

Here we are back again ready to brew, cook, hack and most importantly share what we know, what we have, simply what we love!

You are more than welcome to come and join us either for a chat, workshop or making some creation of your own, we are open and flexible. "Be excellent to each other" is our motto. We had a really good time together at the last summer camp and at 28C3 so lets continue in the tradition!

So welcome to this portal and have a look around, there is plenty to see!

Food Hacking Base (fhb)!

Food Hacking Base mailing list


Enjoy our time together as a community at this gathering in a creative way, discovering new ways of food and beverage preparations, based on the technologies of the past and present, reshaping them to suit our and future needs, well hacking after all! You can come and learn what others know already and teach them what you enjoy! You can join the workshops or give some if you like, or just come, have a chat, check out what we are up to and just relax before your next presentation ...


“Be excellent to each other” was working fine in the past so why not to stick to it? Keep an eye out making sure that your follow foodhacker (of whatever gender) is safe from your experimental frenzy and give them your ear if they need it. It is a long ride through the life so keep in mind that there are going to be a lots of opportunities to come together again, so more of us equals more fun!

FHB Budget

The start up budget is around 500 EU. The project will happen whatever amount we collect but with this amount we should be fine. During the event we collect donations from various activities covering the costs, preferably ending with some extra cash for next event.

FHB Workshops

This time we plan to run both smaller size workshops (up to 10 people) at the fhb assembly location and larger workshops at dedicated locations which are coordinated with CCC folk and has to be booked in advance. Please if you would like to give one or the other or just come to any of these check out the fhb workshop page and give us shout at the fhb mailing list. That should be the step number one so we can coordinate better, when sorted move to step number two and upload your workshop up to the workshop page.

FHB Projects

Here you can find activities and topics which are going to be “around” for whole event so more time and energy is going to be spend on them. If you have your own, bring it up at the fhb mailing list!

FHB Day by Day

This is a chronological overview of what we are up to, updated as often and as quickly as we manage, which due to the “crazily busy environment” of this may be not as impressive as hoped for.

FHB Recipes and Ingredients

Here are some of the ingredients and recipes which we have been using. So have a look and if you liked something specific which you can not find here, give us a shout on the fhb mailing list and we will see what we can do!

FHB Culture Exchange and Contributions

On this page we want to keep track on who will bring what to the fhb on 29c3. Please add yourself here and tell what you can/will bring to the fhb and what you'd need from others. It is useful to get in contact by this list ahead of the congress, so the people do know the demand and whether there are enough contributors. Please consider giving contributors something in exchange for their efforts like cultures, hugs, pizza, beer or - well - even unsexy money =).

FHB Cheese Randevou

Day 2, 17:30 at 2a, near the ballpit.

Tasting of international selection of cheeses and related condiments for people who would like to share these delights together. Motto “bring and share!”

List of Equipment

This is a list of equipment which we should have to our direct disposition, so you do not have to bring these things, just use the fhb gear. If you can not find what you need on the list you can either get in touch and we can try to accommodate you or you can bring it with you. If the second is the case, please be aware that some people may not be as “delicate” using your tools as you are.

FHB Conclusions of our 29c3 presence

Here we should write down all what we loved and well what we did not liked as much … It is very handy for the next events, making you to realize how easy and comfortable it is to do the same mistakes again and again ...

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