Weblink for assembly http://koeln.ccc.de
Description: Assembly around the c4 hackerspace, the u23 project and friends.
Parts of assembly Andy2, Force4, Mm, Pera, Sam, TobiX, Wingfire, Zakx, ~towo
Projects Frab
Organizational information
Orga contact mm@koeln.ccc.de
Area 0d
Things we bring About 3 TFT for showing off the u23 stuff, some laptops to work on/present frab and media.ccc.de
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures We have to discuss. Ideas for now:
  • presentation: how to host an u23,
  • workshop: the u23-2012 hard- and software,
  • presentation: media.ccc.de, the multimedia archive
  • workshop: organizing conferences with frab,
Member seats 20
Lecture seats 10
Power consumption home-use
Planning notes There might be some collaborative hacking on frab with the debian people, so maybe it would be nice to be next to them?
Other Assemblies

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