Meet us at our main desk in area 1a and at the hardware workshops in 0e near the hardware hacking area in the basement hackcenter.

C3D2 Pentagon
Weblink for assembly https://c3d2.de, https://datenspuren.de
Description: Chaos Computer Club Dresden <<</>>
Parts of assembly Astro, Bigalex, Hakunamenta, Sebseb7, Tuxcodejohn
Workshops Pentabug, Pentarm13uxx
Organizational information
Orga contact mail@c3d2.de
Area 1a
Things we bring Ledwallfun, ARMs'n'Bugs
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures small arm board building, pentabug building
Member seats 16
Lecture seats 8
Power consumption 700W Ledwalltechnik
Planning notes
Other Assemblies
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