Weblink for assembly https://dn42.net
Description: dn42 is the reboot of DIAC24. We are a big dynamic VPN with Internet services as BGP, OSPF, DNS, etc. We put emphasis on self-organization and sort the information in our Wiki. Each participant has a direct connection to at least on other (via GRE, OpenVPN, see Tunnelprotocols). This is where all the routes of the VPN are being exchanged via BGP.
Parts of assembly Averell, Barnslig, Crest, Deelkar, Fritz, Pyropeter, Welterde
Organizational information
Orga contact crest@tzi.de
Area 1c
Things we bring Lowpower network equipment
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 8
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption 1200W
Planning notes
Other Assemblies
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