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Assembly description
Name of your assembly. The name chosen is also used as page name.
Weblinks regarding to your assembly. Seperate by "," if necessary.
Contact information for the assembly. This can be a group-mailinglist or irc-channel, seperated by ","
A short description or summary of your assembly.
Planning information for the orga-team.
Appropriate informations within the following fields are essential for the orga-team to reserve some space for your assembly. The information will be used to find out how many space, power lines, and other stuff are essential for your assembly. We will also need a valid mail address within the orga-contact field to sent you a mail in case of questions.
Please at least one email adress that the orga-team can contact you. Seperate multiple adresses by ",".
Desired area for your assembly.
Things we bring
Please list everything special you want to bring to 29C3. Especially the stuff that needs some more space like e.g. a 3D-Printer, furniture or decoration things
Power consumption
Do you have any special power needs, besides from the normal devices (like laptops)? Please specify here.
Local workshops/lectures
Do you plan to host workshops / small lectures on your place? Your assembly will occur in the list of locations for workshops as soon as you select yes or maybe!
Seats for your assembly
How many seats would you like to have?
Extra Seats for workshops
How many extra seats would you need for workshops/lectures?
Planned workshops/lectures
Please give us some notes on planned workshops. For now it will be sufficient to list topics and speakers, later we’d like to see a timetable as well.
Anything else we need to know to find a good place for you?

Free text (This will be the main body of your page. You can use the usual media-wiki-syntax in here, e.g. add pictures, make tables, etc):