the restaurant at the end of the universe

Weblink for assembly https://wiki.milliways.info/wiki/
Description: You know milliways? The restaurant at the end of the universe? We just are it...
Parts of assembly Aestetix, Basti2342, Breaker, Brenner, Carton, Dj-spock, Eleon, Guido, Haegar, Hansenerd, Lubiana, Malaclypse, Mc.fly, MyJP, Nexus, Niels, Okkie, Rehwanne, Savagejen, Sync, Valkyrie, Vollkorn
Projects ChaosVPN, Code Hero
Workshops Code Hero/Workshop, Exploiting SCADA, The Power of Names
Organizational information
Orga contact nexus@hannover.ccc.de
Area 2g
Things we bring Beamer, audio, decoration
Local workshops/lectures yes
Planned workshop/lectures There are some plans for own Talks (not Workshops, so we most likely would need chairs but no extra tables for it).

We will provide lectures or talks on presented projects like

  • ChaosVPN
  • Code Hero
  • ...

Other assemblies are welcome in using our lecture space for talks on request.

Member seats 30
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption May be some extra power for decoration. More information ASAP.
Planning notes We will bring some decoration (basically lights and stuff). So it would be nice, to have a place with not that much abient light or daylight. We would gladly take the rangfoyer Saal 1 as originally discussed.
Other Assemblies




Milliways on 29C3

First of all: We will not be able to provide food like we do on the camps where milliways shows up.

So how is it milliways?

For us, milliways is more than just a restaurant. It is an interstellar place where persons of different kind show up and find a place to exchange their ideas. It is our idea of a international and intercultural loose hacker community that occurs on different hacker-events.

Our idea to bring milliways to 29C3 is somewhat an experiment in the same way as assemblies are on the congress itself....


Appearances of milliways

We already participated in several events. Here is a list of them:

And we are currently planning the following events:

Persons participating

  • carton
  • Emmerson
  • Lubiana
  • Mara
  • Matt
  • Taucher
  • Trish
  • nono
  • colle
  • winni
  • flex
  • w03
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