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Description: A small gathering of hackers from all over the world.
Parts of assembly Andy2, Bios, Force4, Zakx
Organizational information
Orga contact zakx@koeln.ccc.de
Area 1e
Things we bring Nothing exceptional. We're the guys bringing the NetApp to congress, but that will be somewhere else.
Local workshops/lectures no
Planned workshop/lectures
Member seats 16
Lecture seats 0
Power consumption Laptops.
Planning notes We'd like to have a place where virtually no-one comes by and we're pretty much alone in the dark (e.g. 1e). We'd also appreciate not to be seated near any Flausch/Pony/Feminism/Blogger/Politics groups. We'd like a very technical environment.
Other Assemblies

You may know us from CCCamp. We'd like to have ~16 seats. We're usually using Congress to meet and hack together, so a dark, dead-end place would be great, so we won't get distracted too much.

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