Weblink for assembly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_%28game%29
Description: We want to provide the opportunity to play Go - or learn the rules of the game. Go is an ancient board game. Easy to learn (only 3 rules), quick to grasp (first game after only 10min introduction - promise!) but providing complex gameplay and fun.
Organizational information
Orga contact bisento@gmx.de
Things we bring 4 full sized (19x19) Go boards and 2 small boards (9x9) plus bowls with black and white stones
Local workshops/lectures maybe
Planned workshop/lectures I will hang around the boards and give introductions into the game and provide advice for beginners and the opportunity for games
Member seats
Lecture seats 10
Power consumption
Planning notes we need a sort of table with the layers facing each other over the board. A board takes up around 60x60cm. The table(s) does not have to be full sized - a low one with cushions to sit on is also fine and looks more relaxed. We need some light - it does not have to be very bright, but steady (no quick changing in intensity or color) in order to be able to concentrate on the stones. Maybe table lamps? or soft indirect light?
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