Call for Subtitles

Hat dich die Post-Congress-Depression gepackt? Sitzt du daheim und schaust sehnsüchtig die Talks von zwischen den Jahren?
Bring ein bisschen Congress zu dir nach Hause und bringe dich ein, die Qualität und Barrierefreiheit der CCC-Recordings zu verbessern! Du kannst jederzeit von Zuhause aus an Untertiteln für die Recordings arbeiten. So lange oder kurz du möchtest!

Wie geht das?
Die Transkripte sind software-autogeneriert und werden von Dir in einem Etherpad verbessert. Aufgrund von Akzenten der Speaker und Fachvokabular ist das dringend notwendig.
Danach folgt wieder ein automatisierter Schritt: Das Timing der Subtitles. Auch dieses Ergebnis wird von Dir geprüft. Danach sind die Untertitel fertig!

Genauere Beschreibungen und Anleitungen findest Du unter c3subtitles Wiki.

Bei Fragen wende dich an die unten genannten Kontaktwege.

Du brauchst Untertitel? Lass uns wissen, welche Talks dich interessieren!

IRC: #subtitles on
Rocket Chat: Channel subtitles
Twitter: @c3subtitles


English Version:

Have you been hit by Post-Congress depression? Are you sitting at home and watching recorded Talks from between the years?
Bring a little bit of Congress to your home and help with improving quality and accessibility of the CCC recordings! You can work on the subtitles from the comfort of your home, as long or as short as you like to!

How does this work?
The transcripts are generated automatically by speech recognition software and improved and corrected by you. Since talks contain lots of domain-specific terms and may have speakers with heavy accents, this is very much necessary. The next step is again automated: aligning the subtitles to the audio. Again, the result of this process is verified by you. Afterwards, the subtitles are finished!

For a more in-depth description and how-tos, take a look at c3subtitles Wiki.

If you have any questions, contact us via any of the channels below!

You need subtitles? Let us know which talks you are interested in!


IRC: #subtitles on
Rocket Chat: Channel subtitles
Twitter: @c3subtitles

Resources exhausted: Abbau

Resources exhausted: Abbau

English version below.

TLDR: Moin, morgen 18:15 ist Schluss, baut ab, macht keinen Scheiß.

Hallo am Kongress teilnehmende Lebensformen,

morgen geht der 36c3 leider zu Ende und es steht der Abbau an. Dazu brauchen wir eure Hilfe.

Wir bitten alle Assemblies, pünktlich mit dem Ende des Closing-Event um 18:15 am 30.12. mit dem Abbau ihrer Assembly zu beginnen. Bitte transportiert euren Kram über die Tore Halle 2 – Gate 2.5, Halle 2 – Gate 2.6 and Halle 3 – Gate 3.6 ab. Dort findet ihr Engel mit Hubwägen und Paletten, die euch helfen euer Zeug von eurer Assembly zu bewegen. Die Einfahrt auf das Gelände erfolgt über Tor Süd 1. Bitte baut erst ab, transportiert dann euren Kram vor das Tor und holt danach euer Fahrzeug dort hin.

Nachdem ihr eure Assembly zurückgebaut habt, stapelt bitte Stühle sortenrein auf Stapeln und hinterlasst eure Tische und Stickerfrei. Bitte entfernt dabei die Stühle nicht von eurer/em Assembly/Planquadrant, sondern stapelt sie an Ort und Stelle. Bitte baut nur den Schukoteil der Stromverteilung ab, keine Verteiler. Auch bitten wir euch keine Bühnenelemente, Stellwände, Tische oder sonstige Deko abzubauen außer Leute leiten euch dazu an.

Mit dem Abbau der Assemblies ist es aber nicht getan, für den weiteren Abbau freuen wir uns über jede helfende Hand. Wir erstellen fleißig Abbauschichten im Engelsystem und bitten darum, euch einzutragen. Auch nachdem das Engelsystem offline geht, werden wir noch Abbau betreiben und der Abbau-Heaven wird von Halle 4 aus weiter operieren.

Auch nach dem 30.12. werden wir noch bis zum 4.1. viel Hilfe brauchen. Bitte meldet euch dafür zwischen 10 und 22 Uhr in Halle 4 und haltet nach weiteren Blogposts Ausschau.

Euer Auf-/Ab- und Raubbau Team, auch bekannt als LOC


English version:

TLDR: Tomorrow its over, teardown starts at 18:15, don’t do anything stupid.

Dear life forms participating in Congress,

tomorrow, 36c3 will sadly come to an end and teardown awaits. For that, we need your help.

We ask all assemblies to start dismantling their installations after the Closing Event at 18:15 on December 30th. Please use gates Hall 2 – Gate 2.5, Hall 2 – Gate 2.6 and Hall 3 – Gate 3.6 for loading. There will be angels with pallet trucks to help to move your stuff to the gates. Entry to the premises has to happen via Gate Süd 1. We kindly ask you to first pack your stuff, move it to the gates and only then get your car.

After packing your stuff, please stack your chairs correctly sorted and leave the tables clean. Please do not remove said chairs from your assembly place, but stack them at the very location. Please do only tear down the Schuko part of the power distribution. We kindly ask you not to tear down stage elements, movable walls, tables or any other decorations unless you are asked to.

But tearing down the assemblies is not everything, we are happy for every helping hand. We are creating teardown shifts in the Engelsystem and ask you to sign up for them. After the Engelsystem will have gone offline, we will continue with teardown and Teardown Heaven will operate from Hall 4.

After December 30th, we will need much help till January 4th. Please come to Hall 4 between 10 and 22 o’clock and keep looking for further blog posts.

Your buildup and teardown team, known as LOC

Meet the 36C3 track team “Resilience and Sustainability”

We’re 36C3’s Resilience and Sustainability content team and want to show you just our bit of work that helped making this year’s Fahrplan as amazing as it has turned out.

Our team consists of hackers and scientists, tinkerers and PhDs and was formed for 34C3 when we felt that the conference was developing a blind spot between complete destruction of all the IT things and the fascinations for the resulting apocalypse. We wanted to give a stage to new and shiny useful technology for a better and more resilient world – with actual prototypes!

This year’s motto “resource exhaustion” added a perspective on sustainability to the track – even though the term is rather overloaded. There’s a plethora of conferences selling you on the most recent hypes about how machine learning, crypto currencies and the cloud will save the world, but we think that it is in the spirit of this community to question everything, think and focus on technology that will last for much longer – both physically and from a software engineering point of view. We found it fitting to see how the existing resources can be used and reused, who’s building resilient technologies that can help people in emergencies, oppressive regimes or off-grid situations, and – in a broader scope – how can we build the systems of the future not riddled by the problems of our generation.

Along the way, we hope we can make software developers think about the impact of their busy-looping JS, bad communication patterns and faulty software architecture – all of which are  significantly contributing to climate change.

The concept of resilience itself – especially combined with sustainability – is rather interdisciplinary, part hacking and making, part science and politics. This puts us in competition with other track teams trying to catch the most interesting lectures for a given subject, but also allowed us to trade slots with those teams as well, once we were running out of our allotted time budget. ;)

Next year, we hope to collect the “haveyoursay” feedback much earlier so we can incorporate your feedback and follow your suggestions for valuable speakers and topics.

While we were quite pleased with the submissions we found once CfP kicked off, our curation process started way earlier: Reflecting on feedback we received after 35C3, we came together in IRC and RL, brainstormed about interesting projects we heard about in the past year, thought about relevant topics and identified speakers worth having.

Even then, the speakers we “invited” still had to go through our rigorous curation process. After all, our team received a total of 74 lecture submissions and had to narrow them down into only 15 hours (in 18 lectures) of 36C3 programme. We vetted each submitter, trying to make sense of their submission, read their papers, ask and answer questions and spend the remaining time meeting and coordinating with all the other track teams, before finally writing this blog post! If we add up all the time spent preparing our 18 lecture foot steps in the Fahrplan, we’re looking at one or two weeks full time work for each of us.

In the end we’re quite proud of the topics we could cover this year. Of course, we’re still not short of topics to cover next year :-) It’s time for more critical reflection of wastefulness within the computer nerd scene and how we can minimise the environmental impact of our C3s and Camps in the years to come.

Call for Angels für den 36C3 Aufbau und Abbau

Call for Angels für den 36C3 Aufbau und Abbau

English version below.


Der Aufbau und Abbau des 36C3 braucht Engel!

Wenn ihr beim Aufbau helfen wollt, kommt ab dem 18.12. zum Messegelände und meldet euch beim Heaven im CCL oder in Halle 4 für Infos.

Bringt euch warme Arbeitskleidung und feste Schuhe mit. Bonuspunkte gibt’s für Sicherheitsschuhe!
Seid vorsichtig – der Aufbau ist eine Baustelle! Achtet auf euch und andere, haltet Abstand von Maschinen und Fahrzeugen und lasst eure Haustiere zu Hause! Kommt mit euren Kindern bitte nach Möglichkeit erst zur Veranstaltung.

Wenn ihr ein paar Tage länger bleiben könnt und euch ewige Karmabonuspunkte verdienen wollt, helft beim Abbau! Der Abbau startet nach der Closing Ceremony und dauert bis zum 05.01.2020, sprich weniger als die Hälfte der Aufbauzeit. Also brauchen wir im Abbau alle Engel, die wir kriegen können. Mehr Infos zum Abbau folgen auch noch in einem gesonderten Blogpost.

Für mehr Infos checkt die kommenden Posts im Eventblog.
Konkrete Fragen:

long version

Wie jedes Jahr brauchen wir auch für den Aufbau des 36C3 so viele helfende Hände wie möglich, damit sich die tristen Messehallen in einen bunten Chaos Communication Congress verwandeln.
Der Congressaufbau startet dieses Jahr am 16. Dezember. Die ersten 2 Tage werden die einzelnen Teams vor allem mit Ankommen und Bootstrapping beschäftigt sein, bevor wir richtig loslegen. Sinnvoll parallelisierbar wird die Baustelle erst danach. Auch die Fülle an Aufgaben ergibt sich erst im Laufe der Zeit, sodass wir vor allem den Nicht-locals empfehlen, lieber noch ein paar Tage zu entspannen und ab dem 18. Dezember zur Messe zu kommen. Keine Sorge, Arbeit gibt es ab dem Zeitpunkt jeden Tag mehr.

Was muss im Aufbau alles gemacht werden?
Es gibt eine riesige Vielfalt an Dingen, die erledigt werden müssen, sodass alle etwas finden sollten, das ihnen liegt. Teilweise sind die Tasks geplant und stehen vorher fest, aber die meisten Aufgaben ergeben sich spontan, da wir den größeren Teil schlecht vorher planen können. Vor Allem die zeitlichen Abläufe sind im Aufbau eher variabel und können sich schnell mal ändern. Deshalb gibt es auch keine Schichten im Engelsystem. Schaut einfach vor Ort, was euch liegt und ihr gerne machen wollt. Fragt am besten im Heaven im CCL nach, was gerade erledigt werden muss, und lasst euch dort mit Infos versorgen. Falls der Heaven noch nicht aufgebaut sein sollte, kommt zum Preheaven in Halle 4.

Was muss sonst noch beachtet werden?
Die Hallen sind im gesamten Aufbau unbeheizt, bringt euch also warme Kleidung mit, die dreckig werden kann, und festes, robustes Schuhwerk. Bonuspunkte gibt es für Sicherheitsschuhe mit Schutzkappe S1 oder höher. Wir haben einen kleinen Vorrat an Schutzausrüstung mit den grundlegenden Dingen, wer aber gerne seine eigenen Handschuhe, Werkzeuge, $(Sicherheits-)Gadgets hat, ist mehr als herzlich eingeladen, diese mitzubringen.
Auch, wenn beim Aufbau oft eine entspannte Atmosphäre herrscht, ruft euch bitte trotzdem immer wieder ins Gedächtnis, dass ihr euch auf einer Baustelle befindet. Achtet auf euch und die Menschen in eurer Umgebung. Haltet großzügigen Sicherheitsabstand zu den Baumaschinen, Autos und Flurförderzeugen.
Kommt mit eurem Kind bitte nach Möglichkeit erst zur Veranstaltung. Kinder sind, insbesondere unbeaufsichtigt, in den Bauabschnitten ein enormes Sicherheitsrisiko – vor allem für sich selbst. Lasst auch eure Haustiere Zuhause. Eine Veranstaltung mit fünfstelliger Zahl verkaufter Tickets ist ohnehin nicht der richtige Ort für Tiere.

Und der Abbau?
Der Abbau beginnt an Tag 4 direkt nach der closing ceremony und dauert bis zum 05.01.2020.
Gerade im Abbau brauchen wir jede Hilfe, die wir bekommen können. Alles, was in zwei Wochen in der Messe errichtet wurde, muss innerhalb von 6 Tagen wieder auf LKW verladen und abtransportiert werden – also in weniger als der Hälfte der Zeit. Wir sind dankbar und freuen uns über alle Engel, die nach der Veranstaltung noch die Möglichkeit haben, ein, zwei oder mehr Tage länger zu bleiben und beim Abbau zu helfen.
Genauere Infos zum Abbau folgen im Laufe der nächsten Wochen als eigener Blogpost.

Für mehr Infos checkt die kommenden Posts im Eventblog.
Solltet ihr konkrete Fragen haben, wendet euch an

Wir sehen uns in Leipzig!
Euer LOC

English Version

Call for Angels for the 36C3 buildup and teardown


The buildup and teardown of 36C3 needs angels!

If you want to help with the buildup, you can come to Messe Leipzig from the 18th of December and show up in Heaven (CCL) or in hall 4 for info.
Bring warm clothes and solid shoes. Safety shoes, if you have some.
Be careful – buildup means the halls are construction sites! Take care of yourself and others. Stay in safe distance from vehicles and heavy machines and leave your pets at home. Please don’t bring children before the official start of the event if possible.
If you can stay a couple of days longer and want to earn eternal angel karma please help with the teardown! Teardown starts after the closing ceremony and goes on until the 5th of January, which means we have less than half the buildup time. So we need every possibly available angel. We will post more info regarding teardown on this blog soon.

For further info check the Event Blog for publications.
For concrete questions:

Long Version

Like every year we need as many angels as possible for the 36C3 buildup so that the boring halls evolve to one shiny colourful Chaos Communication Congress.
This year’s buildup starts on the 16th of December. During the first two days there will be mostly just team arrival and bootstrapping before it all really takes off. After this more parallelized tasks will show up every day. The majority of tasks take some time to surface. Because of that we ask especially the non-Leipzig-locals to rest some days instead of arriving early and come to the buildup from the 18th of December. Don’t worry, there will be more than enough to do and more with every day.

What needs to be done?
There is a huge amount of variety in the tasks that need to be done so that everyone should find themselves a topic that fits them. Some tasks have been planned before but the majority of things happens quite spontaneously because we cannot anticipate everything very well beforehand. Especially the time tables are very fluid and can change quickly at times. Because of that there is no angel system or online shift planning used during buildup. Just come over and pick a task that suits you onsite. Please ask in Heaven, which is located in the CCL, what needs to be done at the moment or get yourself some info. If Heaven is not running yet come to the Preheaven in hall 4.

What else must be observed?
The halls are not heated during buildup. Bring some warm clothes that don’t mind some dirt and bring solid shoes, bonus points for safety shoes S1 or higher. We have some personal protective equipment (PPE) to offer but if you can bring your own working gloves, tools, $(safety-)gadgets you are more than welcome to do so.
Despite the often chilled atmosphere during buildup please remember and be aware that the buildup is a construction site! Take care of yourself and the people around you and keep safe distance from heavy machines, cars, forklifts, trucks etc.
Please don’t bring children before the official start of the event if possible. Children are an immense safety risk in the construcion areas – mostly for themselves. Please also leave your pets at home. An event with 16.000 attendees isn’t the right place for animals anyway.

And the teardown?
Teardown starts on Day 4 directly after the closing ceremony and goes on until the 5th of January.
Especially during this phase we need every help we can possibly get. Everything brought into the halls during the two weeks of buildup needs to be brought out again within six days – which is less than half the amount of time. We are thankful and happy for every angel who is able to spend some more days onsite and help with tearing down this huge event.
More info especially regarding teardown will be posted on this blog soon.

For further info check the Event Blog for publications.
If you have concrete questions please contact

See you in Leipzig!
Your LOC

36C3 content teams running full steam

36C3 content teams running full steam

Last Sunday at midnight the submission period for our Call for Participation ended. The last submission, by a Swiss, landed just in time at 23:59:20 UTC. Our content curation teams will now use the next two weeks to review, rate, sort, and ultimately decide on a large number of submissions. We intend to inform all submitters on November 11th on whether we found a place for them in our Fahrplan.

At the time of our coordination meeting on Sunday there were 690 pending submissions in our system. To put this into perspective: If you would want to just spend a minute to review them all, you would be busy for eleven and a half hours. Another way to look at the numbers is that nearly five percent of 36C3 participants have applied to present a lecture!

Among these submissions the most popular tracks are “Ethics, Society & Politics” with 237, the “Security” track having 194 and the “Science” track seeing 82 submissions.

The following table contrasts the numbers of submissions this year with the numbers of lectures accepted for 35C3. This means that (assuming a similar amount of lectures this year), some teams have to reject 82 percent of their submissions, sometimes heartbreakingly so. The sheer range and creativity of the submissions left us deeply impressed with the energy and wisdom that is sparkling within our community. All without us offering a single cent of speaking fees.

Track Submissions Slots
Art & Culture 49 18
Ethics, Society & Politics 237 42
Hardware & Making 49 16
Resilience & Sustainability 61 16
Science 82 21
Security 194 39

To complicate things further: You gave us valuable feedback on our haveyoursay interface, which helped us identify important issues not yet covered by submissions. Of the over 2,000 comments you sent us, around a third was constructive and helpful, with some of them pointing to things other than the conference program where 36C3 could improve. So in addition of the submissions already in frab, some of this year’s content will be filled by invitations by our content curators.

What this all means: Each lecture that makes it into this year’s Fahrplan has prevailed against tough competition and each presenter we could not accept to the conference can be sure that they belong to a group of high quality submissions that had to be turned down solely due to time constraints. We simply do not have more than four days and five stages. With all high quality rejections alone we easily could fill two more conferences. And while our teams often try to explain their decisions together with their rejections, the overwhelming number of submissions makes answering each and everyone of them a time consuming effort. Also, as stated above, the most common reason not to accept a lecture is the simple lack of space in our Fahrplan. So if you receive a rejection email with that reason, please don’t take it as a cheap excuse.

But who are those in charge of selecting 36C3 content? At the moment, lectures are curated by six teams with three to ten main curators and an extended set of reviewers – all in all around sixty people now eagerly working through all those submissions. Some of them have introduced themselves in this blog in the past.

Some team members have introduced themselves on their social media accounts and actively work on encouraging potential speakers to submit (just monitor #36c3 to find out who they are), while others prefer to just help anonymously. And a lot of work is needed: Starting even during CfP submission periods, around 250 lectures needed to be fixed up, their durations, event type or tracks corrected, questions answered by email, co-speakers manually added, and typos corrected. With those bureaucratic nuisances out of the way, all submission now have the best chance to shine by their merits.

Over the next two weeks, our curators will now have to dive into the actual details: analyse the substance, verify claims made in the submissions, clustering them by rough topics, researching presenters regarding their expertise and ability to present – and to verify they do not accidentally invite PR drones, intelligence service, or military personnel on stage. So if you see storms of visitors on your social (business) media accounts, just smile and wave at our curation teams. ;)

Our teams are made up of experts in their respective fields, sometimes working in their domains for decades, who can tap into their vast networks to help estimate a submitter’s history. We want the speakers to present their own work, we want them to present for their enthusiasm for the topic, not money. We want them to be role models, not rock stars. So it is important that our teams find out who the speakers have been working for in the past, where they have presented and how that turned out, and if the conduct in their communities might raise objections to having them on our stages.

In the end we need to find a balance between novelty and community traditions, presentation skills and domain knowledge, entertainment value and soundness, allowing newcomers and tapping into weathered experts, presenting utopists and realists, as well as topics with global impact and niche expertise we think will be important soon.

With so many knobs to turn, we know it’s impossible not to be disappointed with the outcome of certain promising choices, and in the end each 36C3 participant brings a slightly different set of interests, so it might very well be that you find parts of the Fahrplan uninteresting and some lectures worth being replaced with others that you might find more interesting. But keep in mind, there are 16,000 other attendees who might disagree.

One last thing: While the content teams curating the main stages have the longest traditions, they’re by far not the only teams working on content presented at 36C3: As usual there will be self-organised lightning talks, which you can submit at once its 36C3 section is live. Also there are at least three decentralised stages at 36C3 assemblies that await your submission now: Chaos West will be running a stage at their asssembly, you can submit to here, the Freifunk community has kicked off their CfP here and, last but not least, ChaosZone just opened theirs as well

Oh, and one more thing: If the stars align just right, this year there might be a Hacker Jeopardy again!

Image by Florian Kleiner, CC BY-SA 2.0

36C3: Anmeldung für Journalisten

36C3: Anmeldung für Journalisten

[English version below]

Der Chaos Computer Club lädt, wie bereits angekündigt, vom 27. bis zum 30. Dezember 2019 wieder nach Leipzig, um die Messe mit dem 36. Chaos Communication Congress unter dem Motto “Resource Exhaustion” zu bespielen.

Journalisten aller Medien sind herzlich willkommen. Da wir eine starke Nachfrage erwarten, bitten wir jedoch darum, sich im Vorfeld der Veranstaltung per formloser E-Mail an unter Angabe der Namen des Mediums und aller begleitenden Mitarbeiter zu akkreditieren. Wenn Bild- bzw. Videoproduktion Teil der Berichterstattung ist, sind eine Akkreditierung und eine Begleitung durch die Pressebetreuung auf der Veranstaltung erforderlich. Wir bitten um einen entsprechenden Hinweis in der Anmeldung.

Um alle Anfragen vor der Veranstaltung bearbeiten zu können, endet die Akkreditierungsphase am 16. Dezember 2019. Bitte nur die obige E-Mail-Adresse verwenden, da Anfragen an andere Kontaktadressen zu oft verloren gehen. Gern beantworten wir weiterführende Fragen.

English Version

The Chaos Computer Club is happy to host its 36th annual Chaos Communication Congress, “Resource Exhaustion.” The conference will be held in Leipzig, Germany, from December 27-30th 2019.

Members of the press are welcome to attend. Since we expect a high demand we kindly ask you to send a written request beforehand. To request a press pass please e-mail your name, media credentials, and names of all accompanying employees to Those wishing to take pictures and/or video recordings require an additional sentence or two describing its intended use added in your application and will be accompanied by a press support team during the event.

Be sure to submit your requisition for press accreditation to the email address above before December 16th, 2019. We will be glad to answer any questions via e-mail and are looking forward to welcoming you to 36C3.

Foto von waithamai, CC BY 2.0.

36C3: Tickets & Presale

36C3: Tickets & Presale

[English version below.]

Lang ersehnt, verschollen geglaubt, jetzt aber doch – der Vorverkauf für den diesjährigen Chaos Communication Congress beginnt.

Wie schon in den letzten Jahren läuft der Vorverkauf für den diesjährigen Congress in zwei Phasen ab. In der ersten Phase möchten wir den aktiven Kern unserer Community einladen, am Vorverkauf teilzunehmen: Diese Phase beginnt am 21. Oktober und endet, sobald deren Kontingent erschöpft ist, spätestens jedoch am 7. November 2019. In der zweiten Phase verkaufen wir an mehreren Terminen Tickets frei nach Reihenfolge der Bestellungen. Die Termine für den freien Verkauf – Kalender gezückt! – sind:

    1. November 2019 12:00 CET
    1. November 2019 17:00 CET
    1. November 2019 21:00 CET

Diese öffentlichen Verkaufstermine sind in der Regel ratzfatz ausverkauft, es empfiehlt sich also, pünktlich dabei zu sein. Wir werden alle verfügbaren Tickets in den Vorverkauf geben und rechnen nicht damit, vor Ort noch welche verkaufen zu können.

Die Ticketpreise enthalten auch dieses Jahr ein Nahverkehrsticket, das während des Congress in ganz Leipzig (Zone 110 des MDV) gilt. Die Verkehrsbetriebe werden erneut die Anzahl der Nahverkehrsverbindungen zur Messe, insbesondere nachts, erhöhen.

Um einen tollen Congress zu stemmen, müssen wir einen durchschnittlichen Ticketpreis von ca. 145 € erzielen. Wir haben uns entschieden, trotzdem Tickets ab 120 € anzubieten, und bitten euch, falls möglich anderen Teilnehmern durch den Kauf eines Supporter-Tickets den günstigeren Eintrittspreis zu ermöglichen. Auf findet ihr Details und einen Graphen, der ab demnächst den Durchschnittspreis der bisher verkauften Tickets zeigt.

Die Vorverkaufsphasen und der Vergabeprozess der Voucher sind unter im Detail beschrieben. Wenn ihr noch Fragen zum Vorverkauf habt, schaut bitte in unsere FAQ unter und schickt uns eine E-Mail an, wenn sich die Frage in der FAQ nicht klären lässt.

Wenn du letztes Jahr als Engel mindestens 16 Stunden mitgeholfen und im Engelsystem eine E-Mail-Adresse hinterlegt hattest, solltest du einen Voucher per E-Mail bereits erhalten haben.

Auch CCC-Erfas, Chaostreffs und vergleichbare Gruppen haben ihre Voucher per E-Mail erhalten. Wenn ihr zu einer Gruppe gehört, die keine solche Mail erhalten hat: Guckt euch bitte um, ob eine andere Gruppe in eurem lokalen oder sozialen Umfeld Voucher erhalten hat. Wenn nicht, meldet euch bei uns.

Wir sehen uns im Dezember!

Euer 36C3-Presale-Team

It’s that time of the year again – we’re opening the presale for this year’s Chaos Communication Congress!

As in the last years, there will be two phases, with the first one starting on 2019-10-21. During the first phase, we will invite the core of our community to participate in the presale. It will end as soon as no more tickets are left in the pool for this phase, but by 2019-11-07 at the latest.

During the second phase we’ll open the presale to everybody on three dates. These dates are:

  • 2019-11-08 12:00 CET
  • 2019-11-10 17:00 CET
  • 2019-11-21 21:00 CET

Usually tickets are gone very fast on these dates, so take care to be on time. We’ll offer all tickets for presale and expect not to be able to sell any tickets on site.

Like last year, the Congress ticket includes a public transport ticket that is valid in all of Leipzig (area 110 of MDV) during 36C3. Again, there will also be more frequent tram and bus connections to and from 36C3, especially at night.

To make 36C3 as awesome as possible, we’ll need to reach an average ticket price of EUR 145. We nevertheless decided to start ticket pricing at EUR 120. Please buy a Supporter ticket if you’re able to, to allow us to continue offering the lower-priced tickets to other attendees! You’ll soon find details and a chart plotting the average ticket price of currently sold tickets at

If you are able to support us, please do!

You can find a more detailed explanation of the presale phases and the voucher system at If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ at or contact us at, if your question is not answered in the FAQ.

If you were logging at least 16 hours in angel shifts last year and agreed to receiving emails from us, you should find a voucher in your mailbox.

Local CCC groups and similar entities have also received their vouchers by now. If you belong to such a group and have not received any vouchers, please check in with other groups in your local and social periphery. If none of them have received any vouchers, please get in touch.

See you in December!

The 36C3 presale team

Image by rixx from the 35C3 c3queue intro.