Wir sind in der Natur, deal with it

Wir sind in der Natur, deal with it

Hello camp visitors,

there is general camp planning going on for several weeks so far. Now we need information in terms of your villages in order to do concrete campsite planning. If you want to create some big stuff we need to know. You can find the contact details below in this post.
For your orientation we gathered some facts that are clear so far:

The watersystem we build up for the camp is limited in its capacity and unfortunately won’t be very high due to local supply limitation. This means that we need to watch our water consumption a little bit. From the overall capacity we need to supply all of the sanitary and gastronomic infrastructure, e.g. the showers, dish washing stations, drinking water supply, heavens kitchen and so on. That means we cannot manage to supply running water in individual villages. So please plan to get water from the closest water station and find a workaround with water tanks. It’s also planned to limit the showering time to several hours a day to reduce the amount of water consumption.
Please be thrifty with the water and for example take a dip in the nearest lake instead of having a massive water fight on the campsite.

As for the 2015 camp we will bring generators for the electricity supply because we can´t get enough power from the Ziegeleipark. As usual for a generator powered grid interruptions are possible.
It’s the same as for the water: please be thrifty and leave hungry consumers (e.g. old fridges or likewise) at home.
If you want to use your own solar power infrastructure to supply your village or if you are bringing big power consumers (>2kW) you necessarily need to speak to our power team (camp2019@c3power.de). Due to necessary fire protection, environmental and noise issues, please leave own generators at home. Nobody likes stinking two-stroke engine generators.

tents and buildings:
Due to safety reasons on the campsite you need to involve the village team in the planning of your village. If you want to bring big tents or build up something special, you need the village team’s permission. Tents for example are limited to the size of 75 square meters and must not have a second floor. Please don’t bring materials that are easily inflammable to build up your village. Cars and similar vehicles can not be parked in the villages.
Don’t dig holes and pits. There are several undocumented cables and pipes in the Ziegeleipark which are suspected to lie low under ground. The ground is not fun to dig in either. Also please don’t bring big pegs and don’t drive your tent pegs deeper in the ground than 20cm.
Please answer the village registration (https://signup.c3assemblies.de/) and speak about your plans. You also get the possibility to order tables, chairs, big tents and wood via the village team. Only register your planned village if you already got a ticket for the camp!

fire and cooking:
There definitely won’t be the possibility to have open fires or campfires on the campsite and the whole area due to fire safety. The same goes for barbeque grills on the campsite. As in 2015 there will a defined area where barbeque grills can be used. If you want to use a gas cooker make absolutely sure that it is based on some non inflammable ground and that it stands solidly and is not likely to fall over. The operation of a major village kitchen is only possible after permission of the village team.
Please be aware that the fire safety rules need to be adjusted if there is a change in weather oder dryness and can become stricter.

If you want to bring your vehicle please take care of the ground, yourself and the people nearby. The campsite won’t have a continuously bright illumination and a black dressed person or a pothole can easily be overlooked in the later evening. Please leave your battery powered vehicles at the chargers after dusk and please leave vehicles running on any kind of fuel at home. The noise and exhaust for other camp visitors exceed the individual fun. Also if your vehicle is leaking fuel it will damage the environment around.

water protection and environmental protection:
The Ziegeleipark Mildenberg is based in a water protection area (Wasserschutzgebiet). Please make sure that your cars, campers, motorcycles etc. are not leaking fuel.
Please leave any kind of chemicals at home. The opportunity of producing a new circuit board versus the possibility of damaging the closest drinking water reservoir is definitely not worth it.

music and noise:
If you bring PAs please limit the volume in sense of your neighbors on the campsite and outside the Ziegeleipark. Background music is totally fine in your village but constant party volume in some parts of the campsite was a problem in 2015 that we don´t want to have again.
There will be a major party area that is designed to produce a low noise level to the outside.

be excellent to each other:
In 2015 we got major complaints from neighbors outside the Ziegeleipark about noise, trash thrown in private gardens and damage to private property. We assume that this won´t happen again. Be excellent to each other!

dont forget your towel:
Have in mind that we are outside in the actual nature in midsummer. Bring sun protection, bring sunscreen, a big hat, create yourself some shady space. Have in mind to drink enough and also have in mind that in case of rain it can become quite muddy.
Bring a chair including a backrest and don’t forget your towel!


Village coordination, village buildup, village placing and questions
about villages: cccamp19@c3assemblies.de
Village registration: https://signup.c3assemblies.de/

Power supply, solar powered infrastructure, questions concerning your needed supply: camp2019@c3power.de

Logistics, deliveries, mail, moving heavy objects on campsite and so on: camp19@c3loc.de