Being an Angel at Chaos Communication Camp 2019

Hello fellow life form.
Let’s get it out of the way: We need lots of volunteers, especially for teardown. If you want to help, become an angel.

I want to help
That’s easy. You just need to register on Engelsystem and come to heaven on camp. You’ll find more details in our wiki.

I want to help with buildup
There are not as many different tasks during buildup, so please don’t arrive early without talking to us first. If you are resilient, love to to tackle even heavy work and want to arrive early for buildup please contact us at so we’re able to plan for you accordingly. Be aware of the timeline.

I want to help during camp
Nice! Being an angel is one of the best opportunities to meet new people and look behind the scenes. There are many different tasks in the Engelsystem and you might join different teams on the “Angeltypes” page. There’s an overview of angeltypes. Questions will be answered by heaven in the Engelsystem and via email to

I want to help with teardown
To leave no traces we especially need angels after camp. Just stay a little longer and help with teardown.

What else is there to know?
We’ll be surrounded by nature, so plan and act accordingly.
Be aware of heat and the sun, drink more water and apply sunscreen.
This checklist might give you some pointers on what to consider.
There will be a tent only (no campers) heaven village, although we encourage you to prioritize populating other villages first.
For further and frequent questions monitor the “Ask the Heaven” page on Engelsystem.

We look forward to your contributions, projects, and participation as Camp is what you make of it. Without you, it would just be a pile of infrastructure right in the middle of nowhere. So let’s make the Camp into a Hackerevent worth remembering. See you.