LoRaWAN hacking and more

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Description We're bringing hardware to have fun with one of the new IoT protocols for long range communication: LoRaWAN. During the Congress we'll try to develop new applications and make it easier to experiment with existing hardware. There'll also be plenty of modules and gateways to experiment with for everyone (some Arduinos may be required).
Has website
Persons working on Dbrgn, F1r3, Interlace, Metafex, Nicoo, Pointhi
Tags LoRa, HAM, devlol
Located at assembly Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Other projects...


What we have for now:

  • 1x Gateway for 433MHz
  • 1x Gateway for 868MHz
  • 3x SX12xx modules for both bands listed above w/o any hardware attached (they use SPI)
  • 2x RN2483 modules (UART) and a lot of bare breakout-PCBs
  • multiple SDRs to try communicating with the dedicated hardware modules