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Description The Chaosvermittlungs project wants to connect up Assemblies and points of social interaction (Bars, Lounges, Smoking areas, etc) with Fieldphones.
Has website
Persons working on Fabianurban, Mose, PhilmacFLy, Sja
Tags Fieldphones, Retro
Located at assembly Chaosvermittlung
Other projects...



  • 1* Telephone Exchange with 30 Ports
  • 15* Fieldphones from differents Countries
  • 9* Fieldcable Coil a 800m
  • 4* Uplink into the DECT
  • 1* zyxel ies 1000 with 8 Port ADSL Line Card

Special Services

  • DSL over Fieldphone (8 Connection available)
  • Adult Services

Port Reservation

For easier planning and design (and maybe extension of our Equipment), we'd like you to add yourself to the table below.

Name Location Fieldphone available DSL wanted
Binary Kitchen Assembly Assembly Area Yes No
fuz (zwei Fernsprecher) c-base Yes No
Mainframe Hopefully the same as last year Yes No
CCCAC Somewhere by Chaos West Yes Yes
Nordlab e. V. Somewhere at Hall 3 No No
Warpzone/Chaos West Chaos West/Hall 4 Yes no
VOC Saal 12 no no
VOC ZAR Alte Regie no no
HOC Near NOC Helpdesk (?) no no
Aaaaaaaaaaaa near Chaos West/Hall 4 Yes no
Fablab Nürnberg TBA No Yes
Chaostreff Dortmund Chaos West Hall 4 Yes no