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Description imag is a personal information management (PIM) tool/suite for commandline/power users written in the lovely Rust programming language.
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Tags PIM, commandline, rust
Located at assembly FuWaR
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imag - The commandline text personal information management suite

   Create a fast, reliable, forwards/backwards compatible 
   commandline personal information management suite which 
   covers all aspects of personal information management,
   consists of reusable parts and integrates well with known 
   commandline tools.

That’s our mission, that’s our goal. And we develop open source under the terms of LGPLv2.1.

imag is a toolset for personal information management on the terminal. It uses plain text formats only and it aims to cover all aspects of personal information management.

imag is under active development and has not yet reached a useable state.

As soon as the core functionality of imag is implemented and stable, we want to implement the following “modules” of personal information management: bibliography management, calendar, contact management, counter, diary, images, ledger, mail, movies, music, news (rss), notes, passwords, personal project management, personal wiki, podcast management

We don’t want to re-implement tools like taskwarrior, ledger-cli, vdirsyncer, khal, khard and so on, but we want to integrate and re-use their functionality.

What becomes special with imag is the fact that one can link all the data these tools create, tag, categorize, sort and query them from a single program and in an uniform way.