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Description Want to find people interested into exchanging/trading electronics hardware?
Has website
Persons working on
Located at assembly Anywhere
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Want to meet people to exchange/trade electronics hardware? Take a look here what they are offering!

Count x (I have) -> (I want)

User: NeoFromMatrix
Contact: 33c3public@pfeffer.link
1 x TP-Link Archer C20i -> anything(mainly electronis hardware)
2 x C.H.I.P -> anything
1 x MySmartUSB MK2 -> anything
1 x FT2232H Mini Module -> anything
? x STLinkV2 clone (with and without case, some wich Blackmagic Probe software) -> anything

User: kruemel
Contact: 7935
1x Kaffee/Mate/? -> M590 GSM Module