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Description We have built a larger number of luminous bars. In this case, one meter of light tube of type WS2812 should be controlled in a transparent plastic tube via the ESP8266 controller. The controllers allow individual control of each individual LED. In addition to the hardware, various software projects will ensure that we can make cool things with the bright tubes.
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Tags Blinkenlight, C3MA, Frama
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The LUA Firmware is required on the ESP8266.

This uses interfaces:

  1. WS2812 - LED output
  2. UART (For programming and debugging)
  3. TCP port 2323 Telnet / Netcat interface (like UART)
  4. UDP port 2342 RGB information for the WS2812 LEDs

Boot procedure: On startup the controller looks for the WLAN Sticknet . During the search all LEDs look green.

The Sticknet IP addresses are all currently in '' .
The IP address of a hose can be read easily after the search.

  • Red - 100s
  • Green - 10pcs
  • Blue - One
 If you see 2 green and 3 red LEDs, you got the IP adress 192.168.23.  '23'  from the router :-)