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Description An attempt in writing a compiler, bytecode virtual machine, and possibly JIT compiler for Clojure (for educational purposes mostly).
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We are building a new VM (Virtual Machine) for the Clojure language. We want to stress that this VM is in no way being developed to replace JVM Clojure.

Since this project needed a name, we did what all unimaginative hackers do and just crammed our project goals into the name. Thus we call this project Clojit, Clojure + JIT (Just-in-time Compiler).

This project falls under the category 'serious hobby project'. We work on it because it's fun. We have no goals beyond making cool open source software and learning more about all aspects of computer science.

If you have any interest in this project, please contact us with you questions, comments, rants or best of all with pull requests. Since our goal is all about learning, we hope that we can start a dialogue with any enthusiasts or professionals who work on similar projects.