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Description Providing a temporary matrix server and interface for the congress!
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The 33C3 Matrix/Riot Server!


What is this?

A federated chat and sharing server. Think about slack but open source and with end2end encryption. Think about irc but with better support for mobile clients. Think about jabber but with better support for group chats and with less extension mess. You can find more information on and the excellent FAQ ( If you are asking why not protocol X they probably have an answer for you.

How do I use this?

Connect to and create an account (you don't need to use an email address) and you are up to go. Otherwise you can use your favorite matrix client and connect to (both matrix and identity server).


I always wanted a better way to communicate with people on the congress and the IRC just doesn't really cut it. Secondly, I think the matrix project is amazing and I wanted more people to know about it. So what better way then to build a test infrastructur.

Why temporary?

Two reasons. First it is a lot safer and easier for me. If somebody does some bullshit I can just shut it down without needing a big privacy policy or anything. Secondly, I hope to convince more people to just make an account and try it. No need to make a complicated password and be vary about if this will get eventually pwned or something.

What is the time frame?

The server will be running from now (otherwise, how are you reading it?) till the end of the congress. Probably I will let it run a couple more days but that it is. If you like matrix be decentral and federated and use your own server!

On what is this running?

The two servers (33c3riot and 33c3matrix) are running on google cloud instance in europe west. The names are provided by my free account on The certificates are provided by letsencrypt .

Is this secure/What about privacy?

Communication between servers and client and server is encrypted with https. End2End encryption can be enabled in the room settings. You now should have all the information to decide if this is secure enough for you.

What are the certificate hashes?

33c3riot: SHA-256 Fingerprint 23 ED CF 56 D0 A7 54 2B 7E A6 78 D5 24 54 03 1B 2C 15 7F 78 7A F2 5A 9E 25 5C 0D 69 29 4C FF 02 SHA-1 Fingerprint 48 F7 B0 20 6E 50 83 21 F5 F6 7E 44 ED 72 B5 3A A7 CF 80 78

33c3matrix: SHA-256 Fingerprint 29 20 32 CF B8 20 F4 F5 29 4D 4D 8D 85 09 11 66 55 32 68 5F D2 C4 DC E7 EC F6 D6 B0 58 EC 6C 9E SHA-1 Fingerprint D1 D3 22 B4 33 95 31 BE A5 B2 D1 10 82 67 5E 00 9F 10 B1 76

Are you affiliated with matrix or riot?

Nope, just wanted to try this out.

Last edit 26.12.2016